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10 Year Residential Warranty – Low Maintenance – Slip Resistance – Reversible Grooves – Easy to Clean


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15 year residential warranty – realistic wood grain – reversible natural mix colours – complete low maintenance- slip resistance


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25 year residential warranty – reversible natural mix colours – realistic wood grain surface – ultra low maintenance- resistant to fade, stain and slip


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Composite Deck Floor Joists


£59.99 save 38.4%

5 out of 5 (1 Reviews)

Composite Decking Joists – Size: 3m x 100mm x 50mm


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Decking Lights 40mm Warm White LED Lights


£59.99 save 28.3%

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Blue Decking Lights For Gardens – Patio Deck Light 40mm


£69.99 save 24.3%

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Composite Decking Corner Trim Glue


£14.99 save 23.3%

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Decking Pedestals 80-140mm Adjustable Risers


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Fantastic boards for a great price

Luke was fantastic. Couldn’t of done any more for me in terms of making sure I had all I needed and if I needed any advice always available to ask. He was brilliant . Highly recommended.

Andy Rhodes
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The product looks great and the pricing is competitive

I am very happy with the service, value and product. Jack dealt with my request quickly, helped me to amend the order when I wanted some additional items, and he arranged a quick delivery.

Willie Fraser
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Amazing decking, amazing service

Super friendly staff in particular Lee would went over and above for me and didn’t mind my 100 calls and texts. Long wait but that was partially due to COVID.

Terry Chiu
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Fantastic product

Fantastic product, very solid boards and they look outstanding highly recommended. Thanks Jack for all the help!

Jo Samon
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Frequently Asked Questions

Homeowners are installing composite decking today because it is a better alternative to wood decking. Although composite decking is well-known, some still don’t know much about it. We have compiled these frequently asked questions to help you know more about composite decking.

Composite Decking

What Is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is a synthetic material that is made with wood fibres, HDPE plastics and bonding agents. Homeowners are making the educated decision to install composite decking over wood due to its authentic wooden look and low maintenance composite boards solution with a large range of colours and modern designs to choose from.

How Is Composite Decking Made?

The deck boards are made from a co-extrusion process where lumber fibres, HDPE plastics are mixed and heated with bonding agents then pushed through a mould to provide its shape. The boards are then cut to size, left to cool.

Why Composite Decking Is Different from Wood Fibres Decking

Composite decking boards are stronger, anti-slip and more durable than lumber over its life span. Composite decking is more resistant to insects’ attacks and elements of mother nature than lumber decking boards. Another thing about our composite panels is the residential warranty. A residential warranty means that you can install it in your home and be assured that you are safe. Our garden composite products have 10 years or 25 years residential warranty.

Is Composite Decking Really Worth It?

Composite decking is worth every penny you spent on it because of its warranty. There are many advantages to our garden deck. The key advantages are the fact that composite decking boards have a longer life warranty when compared with natural wood decking material. Also, our composite decking products have wood grain surface texture. Unlike hardwood decking material, our garden deck is highly resistant to termites. This is the best material for your garden project.

Composite Decking Maintenance

Composite decking is a low maintenance decking solution. Our composite decking products do require regular cleaning with hot soapy water. High-quality WPC decking does not require regular sealing, staining, or sanding, providing a more cost-effective solution over time when compared to timber.

This infers that when you install composite decking, you will save money over time. Wood decking does not have low upkeep, it requires lots of time-consuming maintenance that is heavy on the wallet and your time to ensure your wooden decking is kept looking as good as new.

No Painting or Staining Composite Decking

Another reason high-quality composite decking products are worth the costs, especially for second-generation composite products is that they do not require regular painting or staining. It will not rot, warp or splinter– it will not fade quickly like wood decking colour. Still, another reason is that plastic composite, another name for composite decking, has low upkeep. This means that with composite material, the aesthetics of your outdoor space will look appealing and welcoming for many years.


This is another frequently asked question about decking composite. WPC decking products do cost more than natural wood decking. Note that the price of a composite board depends on the size, grade, generation, range and like anything, the quality of the products. However, considering the advantage of having a long-lasting outdoor space, we advise our customers to install any type of wood plastic composite deck. Because of the up to 25-year warranty they come with, it will definitely add value to your home. So, despite the above-mentioned composite decking cost, decking solutions are always the best choice.

Composite Decking Prices

Composite deck boards range in price and warranty from £14.99 per board to £89.99 per board. The affordability of our composite products depends on the grade. But it is still more expensive than certified wood.

Decking composite prices variation is due to the generation. First-generation lumber fibre and powder surface texture (colour will fade and maintenance to the surface colour is required during its life span) second-generation composite decking also know as capped, shield, all full capped or co-extrusion.

Timber Decking Prices

Traditional timber decking or wooden decking, as it is usually called, is divided into two. Softwood decking cost is the range between £10 – £12 per board for a 4metre board. Hardwood cost is between £20 per board for a 4metre board. Composite decking costs more than traditional timber decking. The difference between the price of hardwood decking and composite deck boards is little. But the difference between the cost of softwood decking product and composite deck board is large. No worries, composite panels have a high warranty.

Why Composite Decking Is Worth It despite the Cost

So what do you get for your money? The key benefit of composite decking is less maintenance and more durability during its life span. And, high-quality composite decking boards are structurally stronger, made from silver birch, outlasting its wooden cousin by double or treble its life span.


As you can read from above our high-quality composite decking ranges has many advantages and its key to understand your home requirements as a customer. What level of maintenance are you happy to do? Are you happy to maintain the colour after 5 years? Do you require the flexibility to change the colour after 5 or 10-year?

Aesthetically Pleasing

Some of the key advantages of high-quality composite products are that they are aesthetically pleasing. Unlike timber or wood decking that needs painting or staining, WPC decking made from silver birch comes with lots of beautiful surface colours. You can select light-coloured or dark-coloured composite decking boards. Also, there is brown, dark brown decking, grey, oak, dark oak, silver birch light oak, and anthracite grey composite decking.

Fade Resistant

Another thing about our composite products are the beautiful wood look and the fantastic experience it creates. Homeowners love the look of all our range of composite panels. The colour stability and durability are better than timber, holding and retaining its colour for a much longer time.

Slip Resistant

Slip resistance is a key benefit to choosing our products over lumber. One thing about our products is that timber is hazardous in British weather, and is a severe hazard to any ages. Wood-plastic composite decking outperforms lumber on slip-resistant. The best performing anti-slip product is wide grooved composite decking boards, wood grain deck boards in the first and second generation. One key point when installing our products especially if you want the best performance from slip-resistant is to run it from the house or area of footfall, this way any high-quality composite board will provide its best possible anti-slip performance during its life span.


Low maintenance is another advantage of composite decking products when installed at home. One thing about our material is that when you install a wood plastic deck in a project, all you must do is ensure regular cleaning with hot soapy water and a hose. Low maintenance composite decking materials are designed not only to last long but as hassle-free products.


Composite decking is more durable than timber decking. This is because composite is resistant to insects and elements of mother nature and it will not splinter. Even certified natural wood has to be treated with chemicals to make them strong. Since composite decking will not fade, it requires less maintenance. It will not rot or splinter like lumber. The durability of our composite panels makes them long-lasting and last for a 25-year warranty or 10-year warranty depending on the grade. This makes our products have a good warranty.

Capped Composite Decking

If you are familiar with composite materials, you will know that capped composite decking is manufactured with recycled plastic and recycled wood fibre. The core is then capped by a PVC shell which helps to protect it from conditions like temperature changes and other elements. That is why this range of composite product is considered to be a high-quality product because it guarantees a longer life span. So over the year, even if your deck area has high foot traffic, your deck will not be damaged.

Key Features

Easy Clean – Unlike traditional timber decking, our range of composite decks have  Low maintenance, no painting or sealing.

Highly Durable – Split resistant, long-lasting, insects resistant, and rot-resistant.

Safe – Safe for the UK environment. A slip-resistant surface prevents falling.

Installation – decking project is easy to carry out and requires simple tools which makes it the right decking solution.

6 Benefits
Of Composite

Wood-plastic composite has many benefits over its wood cousin, lasting longer in performance, colour consistency in both first and second generations boards, stronger over its life span and most importantly providing a low maintenance home flooring project solution.

Easy Maintenance

When you spot dirt on your plastic wood decking, you can remove it by wiping the surface with a cloth. There is no need to seal, paint, sand, and stain composite decking like lumber. WPC’s easy maintenance enables you to save the money you would have to spend maintaining lumber and to spend your time enjoying it with your family.

Aesthetic Value

The aesthetic value of composite decking is another benefit that makes homeowners keep turning to it. The noticeable difference between WPC and lumber is the consistent shining surface texture. With WPC, you can select between the wood grain, oak, and the slip-resistant surface texture.

Last Longer than Wood or Plastic Decking

Our composite deck boards will last for up to 25 years. While lumber decking will last for about ten years and PVC for about 15 years, composite deck boards will outlive them both. Although composite plastic decking will lose a little colour to stabilise, the colour will remain consistent for a long time. This is one reason you don’t have to paint your WPC decking.


Composite decking is durable. Our WPC is well-built to resist scratch from pets like dogs. Aside from scratches, composite decking will resist rain and the scorching heat of the sun. If rain or dampness comes in contact with your WPC, it will not swell or warp. Also, it will not crack or break as a result of heat.

Stain Resistant**

Unlike wood, composite decking has an improved surface texture. Second-generation composite boards have a polythene coating on their surface that prevents moisture absorption. This implies that if stains like wine, oil, paint, and ink spill on your composite boards, they will not infiltrate the boards. You should clean stains immediately by using a cloth to wipe the surface before using a soft brush and soapy water to scrub.

Easy to Install

Another benefit of WPC is that the boards are easy to install in your garden. What this implies is that you can build your WPC decking with a simple tool if you are a skilled worker. Also, all our composite boards are easy to carry because they are lightweight. You can cut our composite boards with a saw without requiring special tools.

How to Install Composite Decking?

When installing your composite decking boards, there are some key points to remember expansion, joist spacing & drainage. Before you commence installation, we advise that you open your composite decking and allow them to settle to the weather. To make installation easier, we have provided a step by step guide on how to install composite decking. Remember post must be 500mm concreted into the ground, frame must have a 5% slope, 6 to 8mm expansions gab end to end with a 20mm gap from any fixed objects, minimum 3mm gap side to side and its advisable to rise the deck by at least 300mm of the ground to provide good airflow and drainage.

Step One – Get All the Tools You Need

You can use the standard working tools when installing our composite plastic boards. If you don’t know how to handle the tools, you can consult the manufacturer guide. You will need a saw to cut the boards into different length. We recommend a Powered Mitre Saw because they cut composite deck boards quickly. Also, you need a hand drill to make holes in your joist. You need a measuring tape to know the decking area, carpentry square, spirit level, safety glass to protect your eyes and chalk line.

Step Two – Build the Joists

You can use pressure-treated lumber 4 by 2 or 6 by 2 length for the joists. Depending on how you want to cover the edge of your patio, you can build a picture frame substructure. Remember posts must be concreted 500mm in length into the ground. Please ensure that space between the joists should not be more than 300mm/30cm length. If you are building one of your composite decking in a commercial setting, space should not be more than 200mm/20cm inches in length. Use a good stroke width for accuracy. After arranging the joists, make sure you use the spirit level to ensure that it is straight. Remember to incorporate a 5% drainage slope upon construction and raised the frame by 300mm in length of the ground to avoid water build-up.

Step Three – Arrange the Boards

After building the joists, you can proceed to arrange the composite deck boards. We recommend that you fix the first set of boards with hidden starter clips. Screw the starter clips every 300 mm length along the first joist until you have covered the length of the joist. Then you can push the composite decking boards into the starter clips so that the clip will hook the grooved side of the boards.

Step Four – Fix the Remaining Composite Decking Boards

You will need Metal Hidden Fasteners or T-clips to install the remaining composite decking boards. Fix the clips to the joists and then use the T or 2 hooks to hook the groove sides of your composite decking. Clips will hold down two composite boards to the joists. Composite deck boards expand and contract, so please ensure you add a minimum of 5-6 mm space between the boards in summer and 8-10mm in the winter season. The gap side to side must be no less than 3mm space and no less than 20mm from fix objects. Please note 5% drainage slope should run away from the house or fix objects.

Step Five – Cover the Edges of Your Deck Boards

When you have installed all the composite decking boards, you can cover the edges of your decking with a bullnose (note bullnose board must be installed first when laying the decking), composite decking board & L corner trim. If you are using a 3mm hidden fasteners range or a composite board as a fascia, please remember to predrill 2mm wider than the screw to fix the panels into position or fix onto the joists. Note do not drill any boards with will be range weight barring. If you do not want to use either to cover the corner trim of your patio, you can build a picture frame substructure for your decking. When you build your composite decking following best practice, it will last for 10-year warranty and beyond.

Fact and Myth of Composite Decking

Composite decking is a better alternative to wood decking. Ever since composite decking was introduced to the market, there have been different opinions or information about it. Some of those decking opinions are true, while some are myths. We have decided to clear the air and address some of the myths about composite decking.

Composite decking boards are heavy and difficult to install.

Most people think that composite decking boards are heavy. But the truth is that composite decking boards are lightweight. The strength to weight ratio of composite deck boards is high that is why it will last for 10-year or beyond. Your composite decking is not only light, but it is strong. You can lift your composite decking easily when installing the panels. Another thing is that you can work on your composite decking efficiently. If you have a good saw, you can cut the composite boards into size when building your decking. That our products are easy to install gives it a long warranty.

Composite decking does not need cleaning.

While it is accurate to say that composite decking is not like wood that requires laborious upkeep, you still have to clean your patio. Composite decking is not cleaning free as some homeowners think, it needs low maintenance which is crucial for it to last for a 10-year warranty or a 25-year warranty. But the difference between composite decking and wood upkeep is the way you go about it. You don’t have to sand, seal, stain or paint your composite decking like a wood decking. To take care of your composite decking, all you should do is regularly clean with hot soapy water and a hose down once a month. To increase the warranty of your composite panels, you must maintain them.

Composite decking looks like cheap plastic.

A part of the material composition of composite decking is indeed PVC. But this does not mean that composite decking looks like cheap polythene. One good thing about deck boards is that you can customise them to look like wood. This look or appearance is one selling point and why most homeowners prefer composite decking to PVC and other decking types. Wood grain composite decking looks like timber to the extent that it will be difficult to tell the disparity between them. Also, it has a high warranty.

Composite decking colour fade quickly or composite decking colour will not fade at all.

Composite deck boards have a coat of polythene on their surface texture & treatments that reduce how their colour fades. Unlike wood that fades quickly, composite decking will not fade as quickly. But this does not imply that your composite deck boards will not fade. Note that for some weeks after installation, your composite decking will lose 30-40% on first-generation & 10-15% on the second generation of colour to adjust to the weather. After that, the colour of all your composite decking will become stable, and it will continue to fade but a much slower rate. Please note for colour fade and rates of fade depend on location and position, the most stable and consistent colour over its life span is second generation composite decking

Composite decking is not suitable for pets like dogs.

Composite decking has a layer of plastic on its surface that reduces scratches. This makes it possible for pets like dogs to walk on your composite decking, however, like all material, composite decking can be scratched.


Composite decking is hotter than wood in summer.

Composite decking does not get hotter than lumber in summer. Some brands of composite decking ensure that your decking stays cool by giving it a lighter colour that reduces heat absorption. So, if you reside in a hot climate, you can choose light-coloured composite decking boards to build your decking.


Maintaining your composite decking is crucial for its survival. You have to clean your plastic wood decking regularly to make it look good. The way you maintain composite decking is different from how you maintain timber. Also, it depends on the type of dirt that you want to remove.


Since our products require low maintenance removing mud from the surface of your composite decking is easy. What you should do is look for a hose, hot soapy water and spray the mud off the top of your composite decking with water. If you don’t want to use a hose, you can sweep with a soft brush the surface of your decking with a broom and clean the mud with a cloth.

Oil and Grease Stain

If oil or grease spill on the surface of your composite decking, you must clean the oil immediately. All you will need a soft brush that is not hard and soapy water. A good tip is to sprinkle some baking soda into the oil, as baking soda is an absorbent it will soak up some of the oak stains. If you then add vinegar to this it will create a foam making it easier to remove the oil stain and save some time. Pour the hot soapy water on the oil or grease and lightly scrub until you have removed the stain. Then rinse your composite decking with water. If you possess a power washer, you can use it at a safe distance. When you clean our WPC, it will last for the 10-year warranty.

Mould and Mildew

If mould or mildew grows on the surface of your composite decking, all you will need to utilise a brush and water that contains soap to take it off. If you have vinegar, you can combine the vinegar with water and spray the mixture on the mould, another good tip is to sprinkle some baking soda on the affected area. After, you should scrub with your brush and wash off the dirt with water.

Snow, Ice and Dust

Snow will accumulate on the surface of your composite decking after it snowed in the UK. You can remove snow or ice from the surface of your decking composite by using a plastic shovel to push it off with some hot water. Note that you should use a plastic shovel because metal shovels will scratch the surface of your patio.

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Discover the most authentic timber-look which retains its beauty for decades. Designed and crafted from renewable wood and plastics, Ultra Decking range creates outdoor living spaces where your friends and family will love to spend their time. Compared to other solutions, the Ultra Decking products signature range is designed, developed and engineered from 99% recycled materials using the very latest manufacturing methods and techniques to bring our customers an eco-friendly decking solution that requires ultra-low upkeep.

Every Ultra Decking products category is manufactured with quality, the environment, warranty and 100% customer satisfaction in mind. Ultra Decking ranges are designed and developed to the highest standards using the latest composite machine technology and techniques in the industry. Ultra Decking offers the highest quality and calibre of decking that your family will love with the feel, aesthetics and natural beauty of real wood at an Ultra Price Point. Contact us for your Ultra Decking products.

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Shield for protection against fading, staining & mother nature’s elements that will withstand the test of time and continue to look beautiful for as long as you own your home.


Ultra Decking’s Honeycomb Circular Core allows for less expansion and contraction. It’s easier to handle since it weighs less but not at the expense of strength or quality.

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