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How to Choose Composite Decking Colour

In the world of landscaping and design, the importance of selecting the right colour doesn’t just come down to aesthetics.

In this article, we will discuss the different reasons why your choice of colour goes beyond looks, impacting everything from the deck’s visual appeal to the deck’s physical performance.

What are the crucial factors to take into consideration when shopping for composite decking online or in-store?

1 Colour Compatibility

Many homeowners will consider the architectural style and the colour palette of their home. We would recommend opting for decking colours that align with aspects of your home, such as your window frames, bifold doors, garden furniture, and exterior doors.

By doing so, you can create a cohesive and unified appearance with your new outdoor living space. By ordering free samples from your supplier, you can test them against the exterior of your home and check how the colours will complement your property By doing this you can increase your homes curb appeal and therefore help to increase your property value in the process too.

2 Sunlight Exposure

Before choosing a colour, consider the location of the decking that you’ll be building. Will the area be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time? Or will there be a shade to protect it? Why are these questions important? Dark colours absorb more heat from the sun. That is the same reason why you feel hotter when wearing dark clothes.

For decking that will be under constant sunlight, it’s better to go for light colours if you plan on walking on the decking with your bare feet. If you live in a place where heat is not a concern, you can go for any colour you like.

3 Coordinate the colours with your indoor floor

Another design that many homeowners consider when purchasing composite decking is selecting a colour that matches the interior flooring of their home.

By selecting a colour that is the same or is very close, the transition from the interior of your home to the exterior of your home is seamless. This design is very impressive when the height of the decking is flush with your interior flooring.

4 Be familiar with undertones

There are some composite decking boards that have complimenting undertones within the surface of the design. Undertones are common with quality woodgrain designs and embossed finishes. Decking boards that have undertones within their design often come at a different price, the undertones in the design offer more aesthetic value as the overall colour seems enhanced.

An example of a decking board with a complimenting undertone is the IPE board. As you can see in the image to the left, this product is a light brown colour, but it also has small pigments of redwood within the surface, which helps amplify the overall colour.

5 Surrounding landscape

By taking into account the colours of your surrounding landscape, you can make a more calculated decision. The surrounding trees, flowers, and natural elements will play a factor in how compatible the colour of your decking is with your property.

For example, gardens with lots of flowers and natural beauty would be better suited with more natural and authentic colours like oak or chocolate that replicate a natural piece of wood.

See the Colours for Yourself

Many online tools let you visualise different decking colours with various house designs. It can be helpful to play around with these tools and browse the different colours on offer before purchasing composite decking materials. If you have settled on a colour choice, you can order samples. Doing so helps you confirm the colours and make the necessary changes to your decisions.

This way, you can save the trouble of buying the wrong colour for your decking; after all, you will need to live with your colour choice of composite decking for many years and therefore want to get it right the first time. 


When selecting your composite decking colour, you must consider other factors besides which colour is your favourite. By taking into account the things we have discussed in this article, we hope that you can make a better decision when purchasing your new outdoor living area.

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