How to Choose Composite Decking Colour

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Starting a decking project is expensive. So, to make sure it meets your expectations, you will need to plan each aspect of the project. You should consider what type of material you are using when you start the project and how much area you will be covering.

For decking construction, most people choose composite decking. Not only is it reliable, but it’s also cheaper in the long run. They look similar to wood but are more durable. It also comes in different colours and patterns. 

If you choose to use composite decking materials, the question that follows is, what colour should you use to build your deck? It’s necessary to consider this question, as it would be a shame if you end up not liking the colour that you choose. To help you decide, here are some helpful pointers that you can take into consideration. 

How to Choose the Best Colour

Choosing a deck colour for your flooring projects is a big decision. For some, it can be difficult due to the many options that they can take. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be a stressful process. By following some tips below, you can choose the right composite decking colour for your next big project. 

  • Be familiar with the colours. Before selecting a colour, make sure that you know your options first. Composite decking materials come in different colours. Some classic shades are grey colours, browns, whites, and reds. You can also choose from unique colours such as greens and blues. By being familiar with these colours, you can narrow down your options.
  • Aside from the actual colours, you should also be familiar with undertones. Matching cool and warm undertones often does not work. If your house has warm undertones, use yellow, red, or orange materials, which are also warm colours. For houses with cool colours, use composite decking materials close to purple, green, or blue. White and grey are neutral undertones, perfect for any colour.
  • Match it with the exterior of your home. When selecting a composite decking colour, make sure that it goes well with the exterior of your home. If your house is red, brown, yellow, or anything similar, you can opt for brown or tan decks. As for blue or red houses, you can choose a darker shade from these colours. If your home is white, you can choose pretty much anything. However, there is one thing that you should remember; choosing the exact colour of your home for your decking materials rarely works. Often, it will just look bland. 
  • Consider Sunlight. Before choosing a colour, consider the location of the patio that you’ll be building. Will the area be exposed to direct sunshine for long periods? Or will there be a shade to protect them? Why are these questions important? Warm colours absorb more heat from the sun. That is the same reason why you feel hotter when wearing dark clothes. For patios that will be under constant sunlight, it’s better to go for light colours. If you live in a place where heat is not a concern, you can go for any dark colour you like.
  • Coordinate the colours with your indoor floors. Consider having a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. To do this, your deck should look like an extension of your house, not an entirely different world. For this, you will need a deck colour that closely matches the ones inside your home. 

choose the best composite decking colour

See the Colours for Yourself

Many online tools let you visualise different deck colours with various house designs. It can be helpful to play around with these tools before purchasing composite decking materials. If you have settled on a colour choice, you can order samples. Doing so helps you confirm the colours and make the necessary changes to your decisions. This way, you can save the trouble of buying the wrong colours for your decking. 


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