How To Choose Composite Decking

Choosing decking

Are you planning to build your very own composite deck? Or perhaps you want to do an upgrade of your existing patio. Whatever the case, you will need to choose the right composite decking materials for the job.

There are so many composite decking materials available in the market. If you’re deciding to choose what to use, especially if it’s your first time, you may feel lost. However, finding the right one for you shouldn’t be too hard. Instead of going through all of the possible options, you can consider some of these pointers to help you.

Composite Decking Brand – There are many brands of composite decking. When choosing the right brand, you may need to research about their products. But in general, most popular brands are “tried-and-tested” and are excellent choices for your next flooring project. At Ultra Decking, we represent a great brand, and our composite decking boards are great for any project you are embarking on.

How Much is Your Budget – Initial cost of composite decking is not cheap. Because of this, you may want to consider your budget when choosing the one you’ll buy. The installation process, colour and grain patterns, design, textures, and plastic-to-wood percentage are some factors that can affect the price of the boards. You’ll want to find a healthy balance between affordability, design, and ease of installation. You can also wait for promos and discounts to save some budget. 

Colour and Design – Other than the ease of maintenance, people choose composite decking due to its wood-like aesthetic. If you are one that cares about the looks, you’ll want to find composite decking as realistic as real wood. Manufacturers also grain the boards to give it the feeling an authentic wood feeling. Aside from the “wood-like” feature of the composites, you’ll also want to consider the colour and shade that matches your house. 

How to choose composite decking

Decking Installation – When it comes to installation, composites come into two types, ungrooved and grooved boards. Grooved boards have spaces in the edges that makes it possible to put decking clips. These decking clips make it possible to put together the patio without any visible screws or nails. However, if you don’t mind the exposed nails and screws, you can go for ungrooved composite decking materials. If you happen to choose ungrooved, there are still a few ways to hide the fastening systems. But your options are limited compared to grooved boards.

Decking Accessories – If you’re planning to place decking accessories, make sure to consider them. Some of the decking accessories that you can add are balustrades and pergolas. These must go well with the type, design, and colour of the decking materials that you’ll be choosing.

Wet Patio – Because composite decking materials are part-plastic, some of them can be slippery when wet. For this reason, you may want to consider the location of the patio that you’ll be building when getting the materials. Will you be building it besides a pool? If so, it’s best to use textured composite decking that increases friction for fewer chances of slips. If not, you can use a smooth-textured material without the concern for safety.

Temperature – Another thing about composite decking is that they can warm up fast, thanks to its plastic components. Because of this, you need to consider how hot your decks will be. On top of that, since most composites have a shiny finish, sunlight and heat can bounce off from your patios. If so, you may want to opt for cooler composites, usually ones with less plastic in it. If you don’t mind the heat, or living in a place where it rarely shines, then you don’t have to bother with this decision. 

Building Codes – One of the most crucial things to consider before buying composite decking materials is your local building codes. Depending on where you live, there might be restrictions or regulation of materials used for decking. For this, you will need to check on your local buildings inspectors office on what types of decking boards that you can use. 

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