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Composite Decking Prices & Cost

In this article, we will fully break down everything you need to know about the price of composite decking. This includes the prices of various composite decking boards, the installation costs, the price of accessories and any additional costs. Furthermore, we will go into depth about the properties of various types of composite decking, allowing you to understand in more detail the composite boards on the market and their costs.

Composite Decking Price Guide

There are a variety of composite decking boards available on the market, and these differ in price due to their different properties. For example, you can purchase hollow composite decking boards or solid composite boards. Hollow decking boards tend to be cheaper than solid boards.

Price Of Composite Decking & Types Of Boards

Price Of Capped Composite Decking

A capped or shielded board is coated with an extra exterior layer of plastic; it is normally wrapped around the board to make it more weatherproof. This is one of the higher-quality types of composite decking boards. A capped composite decking board is roughly £54.31 to £100+ per square metre. Here is an example of a circular, hollow second-generation composite decking board on the left.

Price Of Uncapped Composite Decking

An uncapped board, also known as first-generation, is a composite decking board that does not have an extra layer of plastic coating. Its surface layer is made from wood powders and fibres, providing a more authentic wood appearance and texture. As these composite decking boards are not as resistant to weathering and fading when compared with capped composite decking, they are cheaper than second-generation composite decking ranging from £35 to £75 per square metre depending on profile and design.

Price Of Grooved Composite Boards

Grooved boards are usually uncapped in the U.K.; you can purchase capped grooved composite decking, but the options are minimal due to consumers’ preferences here in the UK; that preference tends to be a wood grain composite decking board. Grooved boards can cost between £19.99 and £25 per board. Here is an example of a grooved board.

Price Of Wood Grain Composite Boards

Wood grain boards are readily available in capped and uncapped versions. The price range varies for an uncapped wood grain board; this is influenced massively by the quality of the product and the brand you are purchasing. Costs are between £22.49 and £40 for a 3.6-metre board. For a capped wood grain board, you can expect to pay a little more for the additional benefits it has, costing on average £27 to £50 per 3.6m board.

Hollow Composite Decking Boards

We will now look at the cost of hollow composite decking boards. The costs of these boards differ depending on quality and design. Hollow composite decking boards are available in square hollow and circular hollow. You can purchase these composite decking boards with different surface designs, such as grooved and wood grain. These boards are available as capped and uncapped.

Hollow composite decking boards usually cost around £19.99 to £35 for a 3.6-metre board; solid boards usually cost between £35 and £50 for a 4-metre board.

A hollow composite decking board is designed with, as it states, a hollow core. These boards are made with less material than a solid-core board. enabling it to be a more cost-effective product for homeowners. Please note that we direct this to homeowners in particular because square hollow boards have been created with homeowners in mind and not commercial customers. Commercial projects with above-average footfall would require a circular hollow or solid board, as these are stronger.

Take a look below at the prices and types of hollow boards currently available.

Type of Decking Cost per board Size per metre Delivery type
4 Square Hollow £21.49 4m Free
5 Square Hollow £21.99 3.6m
Circle Hollow £24.49 3.6m
Capped Circle Hollow £26.99 3.6m
Grooved Texture £21.49 4m Free
Grooved Texture £19.99 3.6m
Wood Grain Texture £24.49 4m Free
Wood Grain Texture £22.49 3.6m

Solid Composite Decking boards

Solid boards have no material removed from their core; the core is left completely solid. This offers maximum strength and maximum performance throughout the years.

Solid boards are available as capped or uncapped. Uncapped solid composite decking boards cost around £57.48 per square metre, whereas capped solid composite decking boards cost around £68 to £107.20 per square metre.

Take a look at the types and prices of solid boards on offer today.

Type of Decking Cost per board Size per metre
Capped Solid £35 3.6m
Uncapped Half Solid £25.92 3.6m
Uncapped Solid £30 3.6m
PVC Solid £63 4.8m

If you were to use uncapped solid composite decking boards for a 10-square-meter decking area, then you can expect to pay around £570 for your composite decking. If you were to use capped solid composite decking boards for a 10-square-meter decking area, then you can expect to pay around £680 for your boards.

Decking Clips Cost

Clips cost around £9 per square metre, this price will differ depending on the type of clips you buy and the company you purchase from. Based on 10 sq m, the clips should cost no more than £90

  • Plastic clips usually cost around £19.99 per 100 with screws; clips are visible after installation.
  • Slim Clips can cost £24.99 to £29.99 with screws, depending on the quality of materials used. Look out for ss standard of steel used.
  • Ultra Clips can cost £26.99 per 100 with screws. Exclusive to ultra decking, these clips allow room for expansion and also keep the screw hidden.

Subframe Cost

To build a subframe, you will need joists and posts. These products are available in a few different types of materials, such as composite and wood. We’ll take a quick look at prices for 10sqm on the best joist to use for your decking base.

  • Timber joists usually cost around £3.44 to £5.42 per linear metre, depending on quality and treatment; based on 10 sq m, they cost £277.60.
  • Composite joists can cost £12.29 per linear metre for 100 x 50 mm, also known as 4 by 2, based on 10 sq m, and cost £884.40.
  • Composite battens/ joists 50 x 50mm can cost £4.17 per linear metre, based on 10 sq m, or £359.76.

It is important to remember that the cost of your overall purchase is dependent on the size of your project, the materials you are purchasing and the installation process you are using.

More Detail Review Of Composite Decking Based On 10m2

To provide a more detailed guide to the prices of composite decking, we have looked at a project of 10m2. We understand that every project is different in size—some smaller and some larger. We chose 10m2 to enable customers to use this to compare or increase easily based on an even number.

On average, composite decking costs £36 to £100 per square metre and between £20 and £80 per board. You’ll notice at this stage that there is a wide gap between the board’s price and an increase in price doesn’t mean better quality in our professional view.

Our boards are very cost-effective, according to customer feedback and a similar or like-for-like could be double in price, so not always does a price increase mean better quality.
For a project with an area of 10m2, the average price, including labour and materials, is £1472.60-£2112.60. The price depends on which board and fitter you pick. For the cost below, we have used an average of £70 per sqm for a fitter and £36.10 sqm for boards.

The breakdown of this is as follows: this price is taken with the view that the average day rate for labour is £300 per day and a fitter on average can fit 10 sqm of a subframe in one day and 10 sqm of boards and clips per day.

To provide this figure, price, and time frame, we spoke with over 50 fitters around the country to determine price and time. Please note that some fitters may encounter unforeseen issues during the process of installation and this could increase or decrease the time.

  • 10 sqm of subframe labour £300.
  • 10 sqm of decking was fitted and finished for £300.
  • £60 to £90 per sqm labour (subframe and decking).
  • £9 per sqm for clips and 3 packs for 10sqm.
  • £13.88 for timber joists; on average, you will require 20.
  • £36.10 to £100 per sqm for composite decking boards.
  • £22.50 for timber posts; total required 2 for 10sqm.

Additional costs could include cement, mixers, screws, delivery, waste removal, and weed fabric.

Installation costs for composite decking

Fitters typically charge £300 per day for installing composite decking. The average cost of a fitter is £60 to £90 per square metre (subframe and decking). Of course, you can avoid paying installation costs if you are an experienced DIYer and can complete the job effectively with a helping hand. It is important to understand that the price of installation for your job is influenced by many factors.

One of these factors is the materials that you choose to use. Fitters will charge more to install solid core boards than hollow core boards. Fitters can charge more for solid-core boards due to the weight and speed at which they can fit. To be on the safe side, we advise you to budget £70 for a fitter per square metre of decking.

Another factor that influences the price of your installation is the state of your garden. If your garden requires extensive work to prepare the ground for the decking installation, then the fitter will charge more as they are doing more work. To avoid the extra cost, you can choose to prepare the ground yourself, ready for the fitters to get to work. To do this, clear your decking area of any debris and level the ground using a spirit level.

Your location in the U.K. can also influence the price a fitter will charge. Big cities such as Manchester and London have a higher cost of living, and because of this, fitters will probably charge more. In these urban areas, you can expect to pay higher than the national average for a trade job.

Additional costs for Composite decking

In our experience, many customers, upon calculating the cost of composite decking, can forget the add-ons. On top of installation costs, you may also have additional costs to consider. These additional costs could be for clips, decking accessories, or maintenance equipment. You may also choose to add finishing touches and features to your decking design.

  • Composite decking clips, on average cost £9 to £9.50 per square metre or £29.99 per pack, requiring 1 pack for every 4 sqm based on joist spacing of 300mm.
  • £14.99 for a pack of 50 starter clips, 1 pack of starter clips is required for every 25 sqm.
  • Decking lights usually cost around £50 for a set of 10 or 12. The price of decking lights varies depending on the brand you choose and the quality of the lights.
  • Composite decking trims cost roughly £10–£15 per 3.6 linear metres.
  • As well as the cost of the trims themselves, you will also have to pay for a trim adhesive to install your trims. Trim adhesives typically cost between £10 and £15.
  • Bullnose boards are a great add-on to finish your edges flush; these cost £30.99 per 3.6m on average.
  • Fascia trims are used to hide the exposed edges of the decking area and cost £14.99 for 3.6 linear metres, with a rise in cost depending on size and width.


To finish your composite decking in a flush manner, we would recommend a bullnose board. Only certain suppliers sell these and these are normally sold as solid boards to provide additional structural support to help resist the pressure that would be applied as people step on and off your decking. Along with the added performance benefits, bullnose boards have a rounded edge like that of a skirting board, providing a seamless finish and smooth look to your new decking project.

Lets Take A Look At Each Board Cost: An Example Price Of All The Different Decking Boards

In this segment, we will be reviewing the total cost of installing 15 square metres of different types and brands of composite decking. Here is a breakdown of the different costs.

Type of Decking Cost for materials Installation Costs per day Cost of clips Installation Timeframe Total cost
Uncapped Solid £855 £300 £134.95 2.5 days £1739.95
4 Square Hollow £537.26 £300 £134.95 2.5 days £1422.21
5 Square Hollow £654.47 £300 £134.95 2.5 days £1539.42
PVC/Plastic £1406.25 £300 £134.95 2.5 days £2291.20
Circular Hollow £862.06 £300 £134.95 2.5 days £1747.01
Capped Hollow £814.59 £300 £134.95 2.5 days £1699.54

Please note that you need a pack of starter clips for every 25 square metres of decking; these are £14.99 per pack of 50. It is also important to note that these are average prices, and the installation costs will differ from £300 per day depending on the project’s complexity.

We have put the cost of clips at £134.95 for a 15m2 deck. The breakdown of this is £119.96 for the composite decking clips and £14.99 for a pack of starter clips. 4 packs of hidden fasteners are required, as each pack of hidden fasteners covers 4 square metres, and we are looking at a deck size of 15m2. Only one pack of starter clips is required, as one pack covers 25m2.

Guide to industry terms to help and support your current and future search

It is key to point out that this article contains industry terminology such as first generation, second generation, co-extrusion, capped, shielded, uncapped, grooved, and wood grain. To make this an easy read for you, please find a definition of each of these terms to better support your research and potential purchase.

Capped/shielded composite decking boards have a thin plastic layer that wraps around the board, adding further protection and a lower rate of water absorption. This is where the term shielded comes from. These composite decking boards offer excellent colour fade and stain resistance, which is why they are a popular choice in the U.K.

Guide to industry terms to help and support your current and future search
It is key to point out, that this article contains industry terminology such as first generation, second generation, co extrusion, capped, shielded, uncapped, grooved and wood grain. To make this an easy read for you, please find a definition of each of these terms to better support your research and potential purchase.

This is exactly the same as capped and shielded composite decking, it is just another industry term.

You guessed it. A second-generation board is the same as a capped composite decking board. This is just another name by which it is known.

In this industry, co-extrusion is another term for a capped or shielded composite decking board.

Uncapped composite decking has no plastic layer surrounding it. It has a wood fibre-based surface, meaning it has less protection against stains and fading.

This is another term for uncapped composite decking.

The surface texture of a composite decking board has lines, some wide and some thin.

Surface texture again but with a natural wood grain pattern. Concerning composite decking boards, there are several profile designs available on the market. To help support you during your purchase journey, we have categorised and listed the types of composite decking boards sold.

This boards core has 4 squares in the centre. It uses less materials, and like anything which uses less materials, this decreases the price and strength. This is the perfect board for a homeowner looking for something affordable but not necessarily the best in terms of longevity.

This board uses less materials and has 5 squares at the centre. Due to the 5 pillars in its core, it has increased strength and durability. It is the perfect mix of affordability and performance.

This board centre is circular as it states, it uses less material than a solid profile, but its strength is almost equal to a solid board due to its design. This is because a circular hollow board is able to distribute shock waves evenly around itself.

This is not as common in the U.K. when compared with the USA, but it is still a board sold here in the U.K., so it is worth a mention. The board is not completely solid, with some material taken from the bottom to form a ridge appearance.

The board is completely solid, and its durability is unmatched. For homeowners looking for maximum strength and performance on the board, then a solid board is the answer, but it is not the best board for affordability.



To conclude, composite decking comes in various designs, profiles, and lengths. For homeowners, hollow composite decking is the favourite choice due to its price starting at as low as £19.99 per 3.6-meter length.

For those looking for minimal colour change and ease of maintenance with added resistance to stains, capped composite decking would be the recommended choice. In terms of labour costs, the average fitter will charge £300 per day.

During the day’s work, it is expected that fitters can complete 10 square metres of subframe or 10 square metres of composite decking board installation.

As each project is different, prices will alter depending on factors such as your location and the complexity of the composite decking design.

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