Can I Put a Rug on Composite Decking?

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Rug on decking

Ultradecking composite decking is one of the most durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance types of decking. It’s resistant to almost all kinds of damage, such as moisture, moulds, mildew, and insect damage. As incredible as they are, these types of decking are not entirely invincible. Like any other material, they are susceptible to some problems. One of the questions you might ask is, can you put a rug on composite decking? The short answer is yes. But there’s a longer version of the answer.

What Can Rugs Do to Decking?

Why is placing rugs on decking a concern? It’s because rugs can affect your decking. What rugs do on decking and how much it would affect them depends on the type of decking and the rug. For instance, certain types of rugs can absorb moisture from rain or snow. When they are exposed to wood decking, the moisture can damage the decking.

How about composite decking? While composite decking resists moisture damage, it can still affect your decking. While moulds and mildews won’t grow on the decking itself, they can grow on some types of rugs. When left alone, it can stain some composite decking. Because most composite decking is stain-resistant, it’s not a problem as long as it’s cleaned immediately. But if you let it stay too long, it can cause some issues.

However, there are types of rugs that don’t absorb moisture. In this case, it’s safe to place them on your decking, whether it’s wood or composite. So can you put a rug on composite decking? Yes, as long as it’s the right kind of rug. Otherwise, it can potentially damage your decking. The question that follows is, what type of rugs should you use? And why should you place rugs on your decking?

What Kinds of Rugs Should You Use?

When choosing rugs for your composite decking, there are some types that you should avoid. The first ones are rugs with metal grommets or accents. Why should you avoid them? The metal parts can rust. When not taken care of, the rust can stain the decking. While you can remove the stains, it can be difficult to do so, and it’s best to avoid them.

The other type that you should never use is rubber or latex-backed rugs. They can also leave marks on your decking. They are removable, but it’s still best to avoid them.

So, what type of rugs should you use for your composite decking? Colourful fast-woven and vinyl backing rugs are the best types for composite decking. They don’t leave marks on your composite decking. They also are resistant to moulds and mildew, which can stain the decking.

Why Place Rugs on Your Decking?

can you put a rug on composite decking?

Even though some rugs can damage some type of decking, there are still good reasons why you should get rugs. Of course, you will want to get the right types of rugs to avoid any damage.

So why should you place rugs on your decking? Rugs can add colour to your decking. With so many designs and colours to choose from, you can get one that will complement your decking. It’s also effective to zone an area. For instance, you can set up rugs to separate areas of your decking. You can place a different rug for your outdoor dining area and a different one for your lounge area.

Another excellent reason to use rugs on decking is for safety. Some composites may become slippery when wet. These rugs can absorb the water and keep your decking dry. It can also prevent people from slipping. Because of this, your decking will become a safer space for you and your family.

And finally, rugs can protect your decking. If you plan to put heavy furniture on your decking, rugs can prevent any scratches and marks from the furniture. You can also safely place items with metal footing without worrying that the rust will stain the decking.

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