Which Brand of Composite Decking is the Best?

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Whether you are a homeowner, a professional builder, or a property developer, you want nothing but the best composite decking. Plastic decking materials in the market vary in terms of quality. But one of the oldest and most effective ways to look for the best boards is by looking at the brands.

There are many brands you can find when it comes to composite decking. Some are internationally known brands, while others are popular in the local country. In the UK, you may have stumbled into a few brand names. But the question is, which brand of composite decking is the best?

Best Brands of Composite Decking

Among the many brands of composite decks, a few stand out among the rest. Some of these brands are well-known for their high-quality decking boards.

Ultra Decking

Ultra Decking is one of the most well-established composite decking suppliers in the UK. They are well-known for having high-quality composite decking boards. They also have fencing and railing materials and accessories and finishing. It’s no secret that composite decking is more expensive than traditional wood decking. However, Ultra Decking offers affordable pricing with superior quality. When it comes to affordable yet high-quality boards, it’s hard to find a brand that can match Ultra Decking.

Ultra Decking also offers a wide variety of decking materials. You can find high-quality boards in different designs and colours at various price ranges. Ultra Decking composite boards have anti-slip coatings and provide high resistance to scratches and stains.


TimberTech is a well-known company that produces and sells decking boards. They are a part of the AZEK company. While they offer PVC and composites, their speciality lies in PVC decking boards. However, their composites are high-quality as well.

Composite decking from TimberTech is popular due to its durability and design. Most of their boards are grooved decking boards, which use hidden fasteners. As with other companies, they offer a wide variety of products at various price ranges. Their product line-up comprises more than 40 colours and shades of planks at different prices.

Trex Decking

Another well-known brand that you may have heard of is Trex Decking. Trex is a US-based decking manufacturer that specializes in wood alternatives. The decking industry is most known for developing products from recycled materials. The plastic fibres they use come from plastics that would normally end up in landfills.

In terms of quality, they also offer excellent quality decking boards. Some of them have protection from fading, slips, and scratches. Like other manufacturers, they sell products at various price ranges. Aside from composite decking, they also manufacture fencing materials, hardware accessories, and outdoor furniture.

The Best Brand in the UK

When choosing the best composite brands, the three mentioned are among the most reliable and trusted companies for decking. They offer high-quality materials that provide superior durability and design.

But when it comes to pricing, Ultra Decking is one of the best. It offers the same high-quality composites as the other two brands. But the cost is significantly cheaper as well. They also have a wide variety of products that cater to your decking needs. Regardless, you won’t regret choosing any of these brands.

which decking brand is the best

Other Composite Decking Brands

Naturally, there are other brands in the market as well. If you want to have more options, there are various things you should consider. Here are a few things that you should look for when choosing a brand or buying composite decking materials.

  • Quality and Price – Quality and price go hand-in-hand. As prices go up, the quality should be better as well. To find the best brands of composite boards, you will want to look for one that has costs relative to its quality. For instance, you may see an expensive board, but that doesn’t automatically mean it’s the best. And the same goes for cheaper composites. Before buying anything, consider whether it’s worth its price.
  • Additional Features – Some composite decking boards have advantages over others. For instance, Ultra Decking offers boards that have high resistance to fading, scratches, and slips. Some boards may be as durable as Ultra Decking products, but they may not have anti-fade or anti-scratch protection. The same goes for every other brand. Check first if they have features that make them better than the others.
  • Sales and Support – When choosing brands, many homeowners, contractors, and developers consider customer support to be a crucial deciding factor. Choose a brand that can deliver orders on time and answer questions as quickly as possible. After-sales support is also important to take into consideration.
  • Comments and Reviews – Another thing you may consider when choosing a brand or getting decking materials is people’s comments and reviews. You can find many websites where people can submit their feedback from companies and businesses, such as Trustpilot. Alternatively, you can visit communities, forums, and social groups dedicated to decking.

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