Which Composite Decking is the Most Scratch Resistant?

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Adding a decking for your outdoor space is not exactly a cheap home improvement. When spending a considerable amount of money, it’s best to stick to nothing but the best. For this reason, many homeowners and professional builders choose materials that can withstand many forms of damage, including scratches. With traditional wood decking susceptible to scratches, many turn to composites. But the question is, what causes scratches to appear on your decking? What are the best scratch-resistant Ultradecking materials you can use?

What Causes Scratches?

No matter what decking you use, marks will eventually appear. Naturally, selecting the best materials and preventing them can significantly reduce scratching. But what causes decking scratches? Here are some of the most common causes.

  1. Foot Traffic – High heels, boots, and even flat shoes can leave marks on your decking. You can see areas with high traffic are the most susceptible to scratches.
  2. Weather and Moisture – Moisture and weather can affect decking in a lot of ways. Most decking materials, when exposed to moisture and weather, are more susceptible to scratches and damage.
  3. Improper Maintenance – Using sharp objects to clean your decking can damage it. Using abrasive decking chemicals and cleaning equipment can also leave unsightly marks on your decking. Likewise, inadequate maintenance can also degrade the decking quality, making it more prone to damage.
  4. Kids and Pets – For larger families, kids and pets running and playing around in your decking can also cause scratches.
  5. Heavy Furniture – Dragging heavy furniture around your decking can leave deep cuts and scratches on your decking floor.

Best Anti-Scratch Composite Decking

While all decking will eventually have scratches, some may perform better than others. In terms of the material of choice, composites are the most scratch-resistant. However, composite decking still varies in terms of durability. So which is the most scratch-resistant?

Look For the Best Brand

When looking for the best scratch-resistant decking, many homeowners turn to different brands. But when it comes to affordable prices for high-quality decking boards, Ultradecking is one of the best in the UK. Some of their composite boards have top-quality capping, making them not only resistant to scratches, but fading, staining, and slips as well. You can also choose from a wide variety of colours and designs.

If you want the best, find a reputable and well-established decking brand. Some companies also offer samples of their products. If so, don’t hesitate to ask them to send you some. On receipt, you can do some scratch tests and see which is the most scratch-resistant.

Check for Reviews

Another excellent way to find scratch-resistant composite decking is by going through people’s comments and suggestions. Look for groups and communities that have experience in using and buying materials. Not only can they point you to top-quality boards, but they can also give you valuable information. If you are eyeing a brand, you can also check out reviews on different customer rating platforms. You can see some on the company’s pages, but you can also find non-affiliated websites such as Trustpilot.

If you are looking for a scratch-resistant composite decking, always make sure in the product details that it is indeed resistant to scratches. If possible, ask for a few samples and look at ratings and customer feedback. Doing so can help you find the best composite decking for you.

Preventing Scratches

It’s natural to have scratches on your decking. However, there are a few things you can do to prevent it. Here are some of them.

Use Scratch-Resistant Decking

Of course, at the very beginning, you’ll want to use nothing but the most scratch-resistant materials possible. While you may need to spend more on quality materials, the added cost is worth it. And besides, as previously mentioned, some brands like Ultra Decking composite decking offer top-quality, scratch-resistant decking without breaking your bank.

Pick the Right Furniture

Another way to prevent scratches is to use lighter furniture. If you have to use heavy pieces, using rugs, carpets, and furniture pads can help prevent damage to your decking. If possible, avoid dragging them across your decking.

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Proper Maintenance for Your Decking

Proper maintenance also goes a long way to preventing scratches. For composite decking, a quick rinse and wash can do the job. Many recommend doing an extensive scrubbing once every six months or whenever necessary.

However, when doing any maintenance care for your decking, remember not to use sharp objects. It’s also best to avoid using abrasive chemicals such as chlorine bleach. For instance, when removing snow and ice from your decking, never use shovels or harsh ice melts.

The Best Scratch-Resistant Composite Decking

If you want beautiful, scratch-free decking, pick nothing but the best composite decking materials. Ultra Decking offers high-quality boards at the best competitive pricing in the UK. But as with any other decking, proper maintenance goes a long way to keep your composite decking in the best condition.


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