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Decking Ideas For Your Garden

If you are a homeowner looking to improve your garden space with decking, there are many options and features you can incorporate into your deck to do so. We have compiled some decking ideas to help upgrade your garden either prior to installation or once your decking has been installed.

Try Different Deck Levels 

You can make your garden unique by laying decks at different levels. Installing composite decking at different heights and levels is a great decking idea for your garden. You don’t have to stick to the ground-level decking method. Try laying a raised decking on a sloped surface. Raised decking is a good option if a part of your garden is uneven.

Another great garden decking idea is to add ground-level decking to a flat part of your garden. Laying the decking at different levels will create an attractive look. You can integrate both the raised and ground-level decking into your garden.

Install Curved Edge Decking 

An alternative option to installing a standard composite decking is to choose a curved decking design. A curved decking provides a more natural and less artificial feel to your garden, blending with the surrounding environment. This option is perfect for smaller garden spaces, as it ensures there are no corners and can therefore take up less space as it can be cut to whatever curvature you desire. You can alter the shape of the curve to fit perfectly into your garden and surrounding landscape, matching other features you may have.

N.B. Specialist equipment may be required to create a curved edge from composite boards.

Consider Different Laying Patterns

A simple way you can enhance your composite decking is by using contrasting colours or incorporating patterns into the design. You can place your boards in a diagonal position or even use alternating shades of boards to fit into your surrounding environment. As composite decking uses a convenient hidden fastener system for ease of installation, you can click up your boards and replace them with other colours or grains if you want a quick fix to altering your decking’s appearance. There are also various grains of wood and surface finishes to choose from that can suit different garden landscapes.

Mix It Up With Different Materials

You can combine decking with other materials for a more beautiful look. For instance, instead of finishing your deck edges with a fascia board or picture frame, try other options. You can choose to use a paving slab for the decking edges.

You can even create a tropical garden look using mix colour composite decking boards to capture the exotic wood look and adding unique plants with the modern touch of garden screens and slatted fencing.

Use Decking Tiles

You can also install decking tiles in your garden as this is the best garden design alternative you can go for instead of using a decking board, which will make your garden stand out. Homeowners can choose any decking pattern when lining the deck tiles. You can line up the deck tiles horizontally or vertically.

Use Multi-Colour Decking 

A great garden idea that you can use when installing decking is the use of multi-colour decking instead of using one colour throughout. Composite decking is available in different colours to choose from. There are reds, greys, and brown composite decking boards. Ensure you choose a colour that will fit into your garden design.

You can paint or stain the decking board to your desired colour for wood decking. When choosing colours for your decking, you should use complementary colours. Additionally, for a two-tone look, choose a different colour for the decking boards and the railings.

Build Planters Into Your Decking Design

Another simple way you can enhance your decking is by adding composite planters to add flowers or vegetables in. You can choose to add planters along your fencing around the perimeter of your garden or have planters up against your property or even along decking in a multilevel style to add aesthetic value to the area. This method is an easy and cheap way to add colour naturally in your space.

Built in firepit

A significantly popular option many homeowners use in their garden is adding a built in firepit within their decking. A firepit is a great way to create a space for hosting parties and gatherings with family and friends. There are many firepits to choose from on the market that can suit your space and provide a specific feel you are looking for. A chiminea gives a more rustic and natural aesthetic to your area, whereas a built-in fire pit to furniture usually gives a more modern touch.


Simply adding lighting into your garden can drastically change the appearance of your decking. Lighting can be built in to your decking to brighten the space up and ensure you can utilise your space day and night.

Alternatively, you can build lighting into steps or along fencing around your decking. Various tones of lighting will also affect the mood of the area, for example if you have cool lighting in your decking it provides a more modern feel in comparison to warm lighting which is more cosy.

Hot Tub Area

Many homeowners love to add hot tubs to their space to make a relaxing space to utilise all year round and wind down after a busy week. Composite decking is perfect for installation around a hot tub, as it is stronger, more durable and more resistant to moisture than other materials such as timber. You can build your hot tub flush into a composite deck or even have steps leading up to a raised designated area in your garden.

Decking Under Shelter

By covering your decking using either a pergola or building a shelter over your decking, you will be able to utilise your space all year round no matter the weather. This will also section off your area making it a perfect way to add an entertainment or seating space with furniture.

Some customers even create an alfresco outdoor living space by having a cooking or eating area outside. Not only will a shade add aesthetic value to your outdoor space but will reduce fading by stopping the UV rays from altering the boards appearance.

Built In Seating

When installing your composite decking, a great way to enhance the space is incorporating a seating area within your decking. This method seamlessly blends your decking into your environment and removes the need for buying extra furniture which can be a difficult process and costly. Built in seating can come in various styles to best suit your space, for example you can build seating around a firepit or table.

Build Deck Around Plants and Trees 

If you have trees or plants growing in the spot you want to install your decking, you can build the decking around them. This is another great garden idea, building your decking around plants and trees saves you from removing or uprooting them. In most instances the plants won’t survive and building the decking around them is the best option.

Raised Decking

If you are a homeowner who has a sloped or uneven landscape, you can still achieve a beautiful deck in your garden by adding a raised decking area. A raised decking can be achieved by the use of posts or pedestals which allows you to have the decking at any desired height. It is important to note that when building decking above 30cm you will need planning permission to do so. When building a raised deck, if you are unsure about whether you need planning permission or not it is better to be safe than sorry and check with your local planning authority first. Raised decking is not only a beautiful addition to any garden but is also practical, as you can use the space underneath the decking as space for extra storage.

Install Detached Garden Decking

Additionally, you could build a detached standalone or freestanding decking. This type of decking can be installed anywhere in your garden. Most homeowners choose to install detached decking in the centre of their garden which can serve as both a play area for kids or an entertainment area for friends and family.

Placing chairs, seating and children’s play equipment in a detached decking area will allow you to watch your children play while you relax. You can also add potted plants or plant flowers around the decking for a more attractive look.


There are different garden ideas for decking that you can implement. Whether your garden is levelled or uneven, you can incorporate decking into your garden to make it more appealing. You can build a raised or detached decking or use different decking colours. Apart from that, you can also install decking tiles and try laying a new decking pattern.

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