Six Composite Decking Ideas For Small Garden

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Building a composite decking in your outdoor space is an ideal way to add to your landscaping. Ultra decking allow you to create useful level areas in your garden without the need for foundations that can destroy a tree’s roots. There are so many composite decking ideas you can utilise in your garden. If you are the kind that loves being out in your garden, you should consider having the area decked. This article will discuss six composite decking ideas for your small garden.

Why You Need Decking in Your Garden

Six Composite Decking Ideas For Small Garden

The beauty of decking is that you can enjoy staying on the decking anytime outdoors. You can enjoy doing a lot of outdoor activities on the decking. When installing decking for your garden, you should get the best decking material, and there are various kinds of decking materials. Their quality, as well as their lifespan, varies. Among the decking types are wood decking and composite decking.

Installing a composite decking in your garden will not only make the decking last longer but will make your garden more beautiful. There are various composite decking ideas you can utilise in your garden. What are the composite decking ideas for small gardens?

Composite Decking Ideas For Small Gardens

Ground-Level Composite Decking

Firstly, you can implement the ground-level composite decking design in your small garden. It is a decking type that the whole surface is of the same level. With this decking design, you don’t have to climb up or down while walking on the decking. Homeowners can attach the decking to the walls of their homes. The ground-level composite decking idea is a perfect design for your small garden.

Multi-Level Composite Decking

Another composite decking idea you implement in your small garden is the multi-level composite decking design. The multi-level decking design has to do with using various decking heights in one design. In the multi-level decking design, some decking parts may be higher or lower than the other parts instead of the entire decking being of the same level. This will allow you to perform different activities on the deck. You can choose to use the high segment as an eating area or a place where you can relax and have your drink. You can also set aside part of the decking to place a table and a couch.

Detached Composite Decking

Apart from the multi-level decking idea, you can also utilise the detached composite decking design. A detached composite decking garden is a decking design that you cannot attach to any structure. Homeowners can build the deck as a freestanding decking type. In addition, you can also build a detached composite decking in the middle of your garden where you can enjoy your garden view. You can add a couch and table on the decking to create a comfortable spot for relaxation. Additionally, you can as well build a shade over the decking to protect it from the element.

Curved Composite Decking

Just as the name implies, curved composite decking is curved, unlike the common decking designs that are usually rectangular. A curved composite decking is a decking idea that you can utilise in your small garden. The decking edges are curved and might be circular or semi-circular, making your decking look more appealing. It is a good composite decking idea for small gardens.

Multi-colour Composite Decking

Furthermore, you can also utilise the multi-colour composite decking design for your garden. These composite decking ideas will make your garden more attractive. Just as the name implies, the multi-colour composite decking is a design that uses different composite decking boards to make the deck. You can use dark coloured composite decking to make the edges and a lighter colour for other parts.

Raised Composite Decking

Finally, you can also create a raised garden area with composite decking. There are a lot of things you can do with a raised garden decking. You can place chairs on the decking and relax during your leisure hour. Apart from that, you can also create a dining or eating area by placing tables with chairs on the raised decking. The raised decking will make your garden more appealing. You can also plant flowers around the decking for a more beautiful look.


There are various composite decking ideas for small gardens. You can build a curved decking, a raised decking, multicolour decking, ground-level decking as well as a multi-level decking in your garden.

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