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Six Composite Decking Ideas For Small Garden

Building a composite deck in your outdoor space is an ideal way to add to your landscaping. Opting for a deck can make use of uneven and sloped areas, along with enabling you to redesign the aesthetics appearance of your garden no matter the size.

The beauty of decking is that you can enjoy staying on the deck anytime of the year and still feel that its an extension of your living space. When opting for decking, don’t let cost alone be the deciding factor as their are various kinds of decking materials at different price levels. Their quality, as well as their lifespan, varies. Among the decking types are wood, PVC, aluminium and composite decking.

Installing a composite decking in your garden will not only make your deck last longer but will make your garden more visually appealing. There are various composite decking ideas you can utilise in your garden. But what if your have a small garden? What are the composite decking ideas for small gardens?

Composite Decking Ideas For Small Gardens

1 Ground-Level Deck 

Firstly, you can implement a ground-level composite decking design in your small garden which the whole surface of the decking is on the same level. With this decking design, you don’t have to climb up or down the deck and can be attached to the walls of your home. Ground level composite decking is a perfect design for small gardens.

2 Multi-Level Deck

A multi-level decking design has to do with using various decking heights in one design. In the multi-level decking design, some decking parts may be higher or lower than the other parts instead of the entire decking being of the same level. This will allow you to perform different activities on the deck such as a dining area or an area with tables, couches and chairs where you can relax.

3 Detached Decking

A detached composite decking garden is a decking design that can be placed anywhere in your garden. For example, homeowners can build a freestanding decking area in the middle of the garden for a 360 degree view. You can add a couch and table to the decking area to create a comfortable spot for relaxation. Additionally, you can build a shade over the decking to protect it from the the sun and other natural elements.

4 Curved Deck Installation

As the name implies, curved composite decking is curved, unlike the common decking designs that are usually rectangular. A curved composite decking is a decking idea that you can utilise in your small garden. The decking edges are curved in a circular or semi-circular design, making your decking visually more appealing. Curved decking designs are ideal for small gardens.

5 Multi-Colour Composite Decking

You could also make use of a multi-colour composite decking design for your small garden. Multi-colour composite decking is a design that uses different types and colours of composite decking boards to build your decking area. With the use of dark and light colours you can make your decking edges standout and give it a stunning contrast of colours and make the decking area more visually appealing.

6 Raised Deck Area

With a raised decking area in a small garden there are a number of things you could achieve. Again, you can place chairs on the decking to relax with friends and family. Or create a dining or eating area by placing tables with chairs on raised decking. Planting flowers around a raised decking area will also improve its beauty and visual appeal.


There are various composite decking ideas for small gardens. You can build a curved decking, a raised decking, multicolour decking, ground-level decking as well as a multi-level decking in your garden.

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