Can I Build a Shade Over My Composite Decking?

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Composite deckings are most likely to get hot if you expose them to the sun. This can be very disturbing, especially if you want to relax outdoors. You won’t be able to walk on the deck with your barefoot, nor can you rest or play on it. To resolve this issue, you can build a shade over composite decking.

Why Your Composite Decking Needs a Shade

Premier grey composite decking with an over head cover
A frame over the head can serve a few purposes

When the sun is at its peak during summer, your Ultradecking board can get hot if you don’t build a shade over it. It is true, especially if the decking board is also dark in colour. Composite deckings, in general, absorb heat from the sun if you expose it to the weather. The boards get hot, making it uncomfortable for you to place your feet on them. Some homeowners have even installed light coloured composite boards in their outdoor space to reduce the amount of heat the board can absorb from the sun.

What if you have already installed a dark decking board? You don’t need to stop using it in summer. You can build a shade over your composite decking to block the sun from shining directly on your deck. It, in turn, will prevent the board from absorbing heat from the sun. Your decking will be excellent for use even if you stay in a hot region when this happens. So, what kind of shade can you build over your decking?

One of the types of shades you can build over your composite decking is a pergola. Besides building a pergola, you can also erect a temporary gazebo over your decking. You can also use a large umbrella as a shade for your composite decking. The shade will cool your decking when the weather is hot. It will also help you enjoy the use of your composite decking despite the weather conditions.

 Types of Shades for Your Composite Decking

The pergola is a simple shade you can build over your composite decking. It has a lattice or slatted roof that provides partial coverage from the sun. You can easily place fabric over the pergola for added coverage. There are different ways to build a pergola as a shade over your composite decking in different ways.  You can build it by inserting the post in the ground or attaching it to your decking frame. Besides that, you can also use a ledger board to attach your pergola to a wall.

A pergola usually has a minimum number of four posts that serve as a support for the structure. You can use treated planks or aluminium for the post. Start building your pergola by first making holes in the four corners of your deck. You will insert the post inside the holes. Dig the holes and place the pergola post in it. When you have done that, you can pour concrete inside the holes where you place the post. This will provide a firm grip on the post. Next, attach the post with treated planks to create a lattice rooftop.

For homeowners who can’t fix the pergola post to the ground, attach the pergola post to your decking frame or joist. Use a strong bolt to attach the post to your decking joist. You can also attach railings to the posts to make them stronger. Attach the post neatly to your decking frame and ensure you cover any imperfections after creating a smooth surface. After that, you can then proceed to the pergola roof frame.

Apart from that, you can also build a pergola shade over composite decking by using a ledger board. With the ledger board, you will only be needing two posts to build the pergola. The ledger board will serve as support for the roof frame. Start by attaching the post to the ground or your deck frame. Then attach the ledger board to the wall of your house. You can now proceed to build the roof frame.

Another way you can shade your composite decking is by erecting a temporary gazebo over your deck. You can purchase a gazebo in the market and erect it yourself. Additionally, you can also erect a large umbrella as a shade over your composite decking.


You can build a shade over your composite decking to keep the decking from getting hot. The kind of shade you can use on your decking is a pergola and temporary gazebo. You can also make use of a large umbrella.


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