What Lengths Do Decking Boards Come In?

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Building a deck in your home can be a great addition to your outdoor space. You will be able to perform different activities on it. However, knowing the right deck dimensions can be very tough for you, especially if you are new to deck building. There are different kinds of decking boards with varying lengths in the Ultradecking. We will consider the length of the decking boards that come in.

Types of Decking Boards

What Lengths Do Decking Boards Come In?

Composite Decking

Composite boards are durable decking materials. They contain wood fibres and recycled plastic. They are resistant to moisture and cannot rot. Apart from that, composite boards are available in different colours that can not fade like wood. They cannot warp, crack or splinter. The length of the decking board varies. It varies from 6 to 20 feet. You can choose a board size that is suitable for your deck size.

Pressure Treated Wood

These kinds of decking boards are from pressure-treated pines. The chemical in the wood prolongs the lifespan of the wood. It keeps the decking from fungus, thereby keeping it rot-free. Pressure-treated wood deckings are also resistant to insect damage. Insects like termites will not be able to penetrate the wood due to the chemicals in it. They are available for use in different lengths. The length of the decking board varies from 2 x 6 inches to 5/4 x 6 inches.


Decking boards made from cedar are also resistant to rot and decay. They contain chemicals that protect the wood against fungus as well as insect damage. Cedars can thrive in different climate conditions and are suitable for decks. The various lengths of the decking boards allow you to choose a length that will suit your deck size.

PVC Decking

PVC deckings contain 100% plastic. They are durable decking materials that can last for several decades. They are waterproof and won’t rot or decay. Additionally, PVC is also resistant to mould and does not need oiling, staining or sealing to make it last longer. The length of the decking board also varies. You can always buy a board size of your choice.

Aluminium Decking

Aluminium decking boards are available in powder-coated finishes, silver, and grey. The length of the decking boards is up to 36-feet. Aluminium decking requires little to no maintenance. They cannot warp, crack or splinter. Besides that, aluminium decking can not fade; no worries about oiling, staining or painting. It is also resistant to mould.

Length of Decking Boards

The length of the wood decking board is commonly available in 2 x 6, and 5/4 x 6.  5/4 x 6 inch wood is good for decking. While the 2 x 6 is thicker and stronger, their width varies as much as ¼ inches. If the nominal dimension for wood decking is 5/4 x 6 inches, its actual dimension will be 1 x 5½ inches.

The nominal dimension of a wooden board 2 x 4 inches will also have an actual dimension of 1½ x 3½ inches. A wood decking with a nominal dimension of 2 x 8 inches will also have an actual dimension of 1½ x 7½ inches.

The length of composite decking boards comes in 6′, 12′, 16′ and up to 20′. The width of the composite board also varies and can range from 1 to 2 inches thick and 4 to 6 inches wide.


The lengths of the decking boards vary. Composite board length varies from 6ft, 12ft, 16ft  to 20ft. While the length of wood deckings also varies, there are different board sizes to choose from if you want to build a deck.


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