How to Clean Your Decking Boards

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A deck can make your garden beautiful, but without proper maintenance, it can look rough. Ultradecking needs cleaning to make it look its best. You don’t want to use your decking when there’s dirt or stains on it. Cleaning your decking board is an easy way to take care of your decking. Here are seven tips on how to clean your boards.

 Why Clean Your Decking Board

Leaving dirt and stains on your decking can reduce its visual appeal. Your deck will look rough and can even breed germs. You don’t want your kids playing on your deck, knowing it’s dirty. Hence, you need to keep your deck surface tidy.

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Also, if you fail to clean your decking, it can serve as a breeding ground for moulds. Mould can damage a wood deck. It can also make your composite decking look rough. Clean your deck regularly if you notice any dirt, debris or stains on it.

How to Clean Your Decking Board

Sweep the Deck

You can clean your decking board by sweeping it. Sweep the decking board to remove dirt and debris that is on the board surface. If a tree is close to your deck, ensure you sweep your deck regularly to prevent leaves from piling up on your deck.

Scrub With a Brush

You can also clean your decking board by scrubbing it. Scrubbing the board will remove any dirt or stains that stick to your deck. You first have to rinse your deck with water. The water will soften any fibres that are on the decking.

After you have finished rinsing it, use a soft bristle brush to scrub your deck thoroughly. Next, rinse the entire deck surface with water to remove the dirt from your decking board. Allow the decking to dry before you start using it.

Apply Liquid Dishwasher

Dishwashers are effective in cleaning decking boards. If you want to use your dishwasher as a cleaner for your deck, use a kind that does not contain ammonia. You can clean your decking board with liquid soap by pouring the soap over your deck and using a brush to scrub the boards gently.

Use Pressure Washer

You can also use a pressure washer to clean your decking board. Pressure washing your decking is the fastest way to remove dirt and debris from the deck surface.

Start by clearing your deck. Then pour your deck cleaner inside the machine and work it over your deck. You can do this by moving with the grain of the wood in a wide sweeping motion. Always do it with caution so as not to damage your decking. When using a pressure washer, don’t get too close to your decking board. After you have finished washing your deck, rinse it completely with water.

Oxygen Bleach

Instead of using chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach is a good option. Oxygen bleach will not damage your wood decking like chlorine bleach. You can use oxygen bleach to remove stains on your deck board.


Vinegar is a natural deck cleaner. It is very effective at removing mould from your deckings. How to use vinegar to clean your decking board is simple. You first have to mix a part of vinegar in a bucket of water. Then spread the solution over your entire deck surface. Once you have done that, get a bristle brush and gently scrub the surface of your decking. Scrub to remove any mould or grease stains on your deck surface.

Baking Soda 

Like vinegar, baking soda is also a natural deck cleaner. It is good for removing mould and stains on your deck board. Dissolve baking powder in water and use the solution to clean your deckings.


It’s easy to clean the decking board if you use vinegar and baking soda. You can also use a pressure wash or make use of a liquid dishwasher to clean your deck.


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