How Can I Keep my Composite Deck Cool in the Summer?

keep composite decking cool

The best place to spend the summertime is outdoors. After the cold autumn and winter seasons, it’s nice to take in some of the warm sunlight. For many people, it’s time to do parties and get-togethers in their garden. However, homeowners who have composite decking may face the problem of overheating. If you’re one of these people, what can you do?

Keeping it Cool During the Summer

A decking area that is too hot is a no-no during summer. If your garden decking is warming up because of the summer’s heat, don’t worry! There are many ways to cool down your deck, making your summertime a more enjoyable one. Here are some of the helpful tips that you can follow.

Artificial and Natural Shade

If your patio has no roof covering, it can warm up fast. To counter this, you can set up some shade, either artificial or natural. For natural shade, you can plant trees and plants to cover you from the sun. Not only that, but plants are also known to lower the temperature. Some experts even believe that planting trees can increase your house value! So when it gets hot, don’t forget to add some greenery.

If you don’t have access to plants or perhaps wait for them to grow, which takes a while, you can use artificial shade. If you have limited outdoor space, a simple umbrella will do the trick. Otherwise, you can instead build a fancy pergola. If you want the DIY route, you can use colourful clothes to shade areas of your decking. Not only will they keep the deck clean, but they’re also excellent decorations that give more life to your outdoor space. 

keep decking cool with a pergola

Fans of All Types

Feeling hot this summer can be solved by using a lot of fans. A typical fan will do wonders during a hot summer day. Aside from these types of fans, you can also use ceiling fans. However, if you want to get extra fancy, you can opt for a misting fan. Connected to your plumbing system or a water source, misting fans spray jets of cooling water, effectively lowering the temperature. 

Keep Hot Things Away

If you have a grill or a kitchen in your outdoor space, you might also want to move them as far as possible. These contribute to the rising temperature. If that’s not possible, try limiting your cooking outside. Aside from that, you may also want to avoid the sun. To do this, you may need to arrange your furniture in a way that the sunlight won’t reach you. 

Choose the Correct Materials for Outdoor Furniture

If you have outside furniture, it’s also crucial to choose the correct type. There are many kinds of outdoor furniture that are specially made to resist the hot summer days. Avoid synthetic fibres, as they can heat up fast and cause skin irritation. Instead, choose natural fabrics. 

Upgrade Your Composite Decking

Since most composite decking materials warm up fast, some people consider changing their materials. However, if you enjoy composites more than wood and plastic, you don’t have to choose them. Many composite decking materials are specially made to resist the heat from the sun. 

Correct Colour is Crucial

Aside from the material of choice, the colour also contributes to a cooler garden decking. How so? Have you ever wondered why wearing dark clothes makes you hot? It’s because dark colours absorb more light. More light means more heat. The same principle applies to deck materials, meaning that the darker your deck is, the hotter it will get. If you’re choosing plastic and composite decking materials, opt for light and cool shades. It will significantly reduce the temperature during hot seasons.

Of course, it also applies to the outside furniture. If you have couches, chairs, and pillows, consider changing their covers to a lighter one. If your deck is within walls, think about repainting them so they won’t absorb too much light.


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