Installing a deck in your garden is a great way to extend your living space. There are many things you enjoy doing outdoors on your composite decking than you can do indoors. You can enjoy the natural breeze outdoors on your deck while relaxing. Apart from that, you can also enjoy playing chess or having a drink with your pals. The deck provides extra space where you can do a lot of activities. Here are six small garden decking ideas on a budget. 

Why You Need a Decking in Your Garden

A deck in your garden can serve as a nice spot where you and your family members can relax. You will be able to enjoy having a nice time outdoors more than ever before. In summer when the weather is hot, spending your day on a garden deck will be more comfortable. Installing a decking in your garden will make you use your outdoor space to the fullest. There are various kinds of deckings you can install in your garden. It is not just about installing decking; you should ensure that you install the right type of decking for your outdoor space. There is wood, and the composite decking. A wood decking can last for 15 years, while composite decking can last for 25 years. You should choose the best decking type for your garden deck. 

Small Garden Decking Ideas on a Budget

Six Small Garden Decking Ideas on a Budget

Build a Decking  Fence

You can install a decking fence in your small garden. It is a good garden decking idea that you can utilise. A fence in your garden can provide some form of privacy. Ensure you use a kind of decking material that will last long. You can use composite decking for your fencing. Composite decking will last longer than wood decking. It is resistant to termites, so termites will not eat your fence. Apart from that, composite decking fencing will not rot or decay. It can last for up to 25 years. The composite decking fence will make your garden look more attractive. You can also choose a decking colour that will complement your deck and the fence.

Create a Walkway

You can also use the decking material to create a pathway inside your garden. A pathway in your lawn will make the area look more beautiful. Installing composite decking to form a walkway is not expensive.  It is a great garden decking idea you can implement if you are on a small budget. The decking pathway will keep your feet from getting dirty while moving around the decking. The decking walkway will also prevent grass from growing on the walkway. 

Adding Flowers and Grasses 

Growing flowers or grass around your decking is a good garden decking idea on a budget. You can plant flowers close to your deck to make it more attractive. Apart from that, you can also place potted plants on the deck. You can also paint the planters to match the colour of your decking. Ensure to use flowers with vibrant colours.

Create a Sitting Area

You can create a sitting area with decking. It’s an easy garden decking idea for a small garden. Get a couch or sofa and place it on the deck. You can also add a table to the deck. By creating a sitting area, you can have a lovely time with your family and friends in your garden. The garden atmosphere will make relaxing on the decking more enjoyable. If you want a shade over the decking, you can also build a pergola.

Create an Outdoor Cooking Area

Another small garden decking idea is to create an outdoor cooking space in your garden. You can do this by placing your grill on your decking. You have a barbeque prepared outdoors while you are having a fun time with your family and friends.

Build a Raised Deck

Building a raised deck on your lawn is a good garden decking idea. You can do a lot of things on a raised garden decking.  Your kids can enjoy playing with their toys on the deck. Apart from that, you can also create a dining or eating area by placing tables with chairs on the raised deck. It’s a garden decking idea you can implement on a budget.


The six small garden ideas on a budget include installing a decking fence and a raised decking. It also includes building an outdoor cooking area, sitting area with the deck, and growing flowers around the deck to make it more attractive.