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Small Garden Decking Ideas on a Budget

Having a small garden shouldn’t stop you from creating the landscape you desire, we have personally seen some amazing projects using decking, some cost more than others and some bigger and smaller.

Decking can be used in a variety of gardens and projects no matter the size. Installing decking in your garden can serve as an outdoor extension where you and your family can relax. You will be able to enjoy spending more time outdoors than ever before. You can enjoy the natural breeze, entertaining family and friends, but the biggest advantage enjoying the summer with loved ones.

There are various kinds of decking you can install in your garden. It is not just about installing decking; you should ensure you opt for the right type of material for you. The main two materials used are wood and composite. Wood is cheaper, having said that not as much compared to a few years ago and due to high maintenance composite decking is definitely a smarter option for long type garden decking solution.

If you are on a budget, we have put together some ideas in which wont break the bank, these ideas are from real people and real projects. Here are some small garden decking ideas on a budget.

Small Garden Decking Ideas on a Budget

Build a Decking Fence

Some customers have installed a decking fence in their small garden. This is a good garden idea that you can utilise on a budget, even better you could use leftover decking to complete this project too. Ensure you choose a decking colour that will complement your decking and fencing.

A fence in your garden can provide some form of privacy. Ensure you use the kind of decking material that will stand the test of time. Even better if you can spend the extra why not use composite fencing, composite fencing doesn’t have to be extensive and pre made fencing kits for existing concrete posts are better price than ever and only £119.99, these fence panels will not rot or decay and can last up to 25 years. They will most definitely make your garden look more attractive, modern and appealing.

Create a Walkway

You can use decking material to create a path inside your garden. A path on your lawn will make the area look more attractive. Installing composite decking to form a path is not expensive.  It is a great garden decking idea that you can implement if you are on a small budget. As you can see from the image on your left, creating a pathway even with a boarder, can make you garden stand out especially with some lights add to the design.

Adding Flowers and Grasses

Growing flowers and grass around your decking is a good garden idea on a budget. You can plant flowers close to your decking to make it more attractive. Apart from that, you can also place potted plants on the decking. You can paint the planters to match the colour of your deck. Ensure you use flowers with vibrant colours.

Create a Sitting Area

You can create a sitting area with decking. It’s an easy garden decking idea for a small garden. you can either get a couch or sofa and place it on the decking or use leftover decking boards to create a seating area, as seen in the image on the left.

Small Outdoor Dinning Area

You can also add a table and chairs to your new decking area, this will make your small garden more appealing and enable you to spend more time outdoors enjoying the summer or winter nights.

Having a outdoor dinning area will create a relaxing atmosphere in which you can dine with family and friends. If you want a dinning experience all year round, why not add a shade over the decking, you can also build a pergola.

Create an Outdoor Cooking Area

Another small garden decking idea is to create an outdoor cooking space in your garden. You can do this by placing your grill on your decking or even better create a barbeque area as seen in the image where you can prepare your latest food recipes and experiments outdoors.

Build a Raised Decking

Building a raised decking on your lawn is also a good garden decking idea. Raised decking can enhance your garden appearance, modernising the aesthetic appeal to your garden. Not only will a raised deck make use of uneven or sloped landscape, but also enables you to add more features, like steps, lights, balustrades, storage units or even sink firepits or hot tubs into the raised area, we understand that some maybe a bit out of price range, but one thing is for sure, installing a raised deck does help to increase your property value, therefore its great return on invest.


The several small garden ideas on a budget include installing a decking fence and a raised deck. It also includes building an outdoor cooking area, a sitting area with the decking, and growing flowers around the deck to make it more attractive.

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