Garden Ideas With Composite Decking and Planters

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Decking Ideas
Outdoor composite decking exposed to rainfall

Do you want creative garden ideas to make your garden stand out? Ultra Decking composite board is a high-quality material that you can use to design your garden. One benefit of composite decking is that it is versatile. You can use composite decking to create many garden features that will make your lawn stand out. Here are six garden ideas with composite decking and planters.

Garden Ideas With Composite Decking and Planters

Composite decking board with planter

Construct a Raised Decking with Composite

Homeowners want to make their garden stand out from others should build a raised decking. Use composite decking to construct a raised decking on your lawn. Composite decking is a strong and durable material that will help make the decking last longer. Raised deckings are ideal for uneven gardens. If you have a lawn that slopes downward or upward, you can use a raised decking to create a levelled surface.

The composite raised decking will make your garden look more beautiful. Composite decking comes in varieties of colours; you can choose a colour that will complement your garden. Additionally, you can place chairs on the decking and use it as a spot for enjoying your leisure time. You can even place planters on the decking to make it more beautiful.

Build Planters with Composite Decking

Planters are ideal for gardening. If you want a modern and colourful planter for your lawn, use composite decking.  You can make planters with leftover composite decking. Composite decking comes in different colours that you can use to make beautiful planters. You can create planters with composite boards in contrasting colour. The colours will create a bolder look, thereby making your garden look visually appealing.

Create a Seating Area with Composite Decking

Using composite decking as a seating area is a good alternative to wood. A seating area made with wood can get damaged if it absorbs water. Apart from that, wood can crack, and it’s also not resistant to termites. Composite decking, on the other hand, differs from wood. It is a strong material that will not absorb water if rain falls on it.

In addition, composite boards are resistant to termites. Termites can not damage a seating area made with composite decking. If you use composite decking, it will not crack like wood. It will also remain for a long period. Using composite decking as a seating area is a good garden idea.

Grow Flowers in Planters

Growing flowers in planters is a good garden design idea. You can take gardening to another level by growing your plants in planters. Plants with vibrant colours can enhance your garden. Use the planter to grow colourful flowers. The bright flowers, as well as the planter, will make your garden look modern.

Gardeners can make planters out of composite decking. Composite decking is visually appealing.  A composite planter in your garden will create a focal point for visitors. You will be able to show off your garden to visitors. Growing flowers in composite planters is a good garden design idea.

Build Composite Raised Garden Bed

You can also build a composite raised garden bed. A raised garden bed is an enclosure raised above ground level to any height of your choice. The raised bed allows you to grow your plants without digging. A composite raised garden bed can last for years. You don’t have to worry about repairing its parts like a wooden garden bed.

Composite decking is water-resistant, so your composite raised garden bed will not get damaged by water. Using composite decking to make a raised garden bed is a good garden design idea.

Use Composite Decking For Garden Edging

Garden edging helps to define the separated part of a garden. It also helps in unifying a garden design. You can use different materials for your garden edging. Wood is a good material, but it can crack and also rot. Metal edging is also prone to rust. Composite decking, on the other hand, is rot-free. It can not rot, peel or crack.  It is a good material to use for edging your garden.

The composite decking edging is a perfect garden edging option if you want to create a focal point by separating a part of your garden. Composite decking will increase the visual appearance of your garden. Apart from that, it is a durable material that is easy to use.


Garden ideas with composite decking and planters will make your lawn stand out from others. Your garden will look modern and unique if you build a composite raised garden bed, a raised decking as well as growing plants in planters.


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