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Ultra hidden fasteners is a New & Exclusive clip launched by Ultra Decking specifically built for composite decking boards, the Ultra Clip is manufactured to provide the best of the 6mm plastic clip & 3mm hidden fastener, the clip leaves a 6mm gap side to side leaving room for natural expansion & drainage helping to prolong the boards life span & prevent any possible future issues due to expansion or drainage. As discussed in more detail at the bottom of our accessories page in the drop down content on 3mm hidden fastener & 6mm plastic clip.

Ultra Decking listened to customer feedback on what makes the 3mm hidden fastener the popular choose, and this is due to the modern & natural finish it provides by not having fixings & clips on display, the ultra clip is a U based clip that holds onto the grooved side of each connecting board, and due to its U based shape design, hides the clip and screw head out of direct sight.

The Ultra Clip is highly recommend by Ultra Decking as this helps to improve any installation errors or mistakes that could create future issues with the boards, this clips supports natural expansion & helps to ensure good drainages.

Another key advantage to this clip is the ability to access the boards in the future, if you need to lift any of the boards in the middle or the end of your decking area you can do this with ease.

  • 6mm gap between boards
  • Includes metal secure screws
  • Reduce time to align and fit deck boarders
  • Ease of accessing boards
  • Ultra Clip allows quick and secure installation with a secure screw tool
  • Ultra Clips is a metal fastener
  • Ultra Decking recommends ordering 1 box per 4m² of decking*
  • 1 box contains 100 Ultra Clips with screws



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