Decking Boards

Explore our large range of eco-friendly hard-wearing decking boards. Engineered to last and produced from recycled plastic and wood. Described by landscaping professionals and customers as the most cost-effective decking solution you can find today.


Decking Boards By Ultra Decking

Ultra Decking boards are hi-tech decking products that provide an eco-friendly alternative to wood decking. Our range of composite deck boards has been created for all types of budgets and outdoor spaces.

Each Ultra Decking collection has been designed and developed to focus on a variety of different decking projects. For example, the easy-to-install DIY project to the unique garden design that requires award-winning real wood appearances. In addition, luxurious designs require the best that outdoor garden flooring technology offers.

Home Choice

Transform your garden decking project into a luxurious outdoor living space with the perfect balance of quality, affordability and style.

Our Home Choice collection was designed & engineered with homeowners in mind. In other words, the goal was to create the perfect mix of affordability and durability. Above all, not compromising on the features, advantages and benefits of composite decking, such as minimal maintenance. As a result, our home choice collection has recently been awarded by expert reviews as the most cost-effective decking solution on the market today.

Our Home Choice Premier decking is highly rated by homeowners and landscapers. Why? For instance, our premier decking boards have excellent anti-slip & scratch-resistant properties. For example, independent landscape professionals rated our home choice premier decking boards as the best for scratch resistance in the industry via Facebook.

Exclusive Natural

The Exclusive Natural collection is an innovative first-generation composite decking board produced with high-quality grade A recycled plastics and hardwood fibres.

Manufactured using the latest composite production technology and techniques that capture the aesthetics and beauty of real exotic timber. In addition to none of the annual maintenance and drawbacks of timber or hardwood decking.

Rated by Professional Decking Landscapers as the most authentic decking solution currently available. In other words, no need to compromise between the beauty of real wood and the advantages of modern decking.

Signature Collection

Our Signature Collection decking boards are manufactured with a durable thin plastic layer that wraps around the entire decking board. As a result, not only does it enhance any outdoor space, but it also provides long-term colour stability and ultra-low maintenance. Most importantly, the added protection from spills and stains allows you to relax more during the hot summer months.

Voted the landscaper’s Decking of Choice – Why? Rated by Professional Landscapers as the hassle-free decking solution. Finally, a luxurious decking board offers the perfect mix of beautiful aesthetics and durability with fade, stain and scratch-resistant properties, including a 25-year limited guarantee.

Tips for Composite decking installation

Installing decking in your garden is simple and quick. It’s important to remember to purchase all the approved decking accessories and materials required to complete your new project. For all decking accessories, please visit our accessories page.

When installing your new decking, there are some key points to remember.

    • Expansion – All decking will expand due to either thermal expansion or moisture absorption. It’s important you leave a 3mm gap side to side and a 6mm gap end to end. Consequently, the gap should be increased in colder conditions depending on the decking you install.
    • Joist Spacing – Joist centre’s should be spaced at 300mm for residential decking applications and 200mm for commercial applications.
    • Airflow & Drainage – Confirm the decking area does not hold water and drains from your deck easily. Increase the gradient and test during and after installation.
    • For more information, please visit our how-to video guides.

Anti Slip

Composite decking offers excellent anti-slip properties when compared to timber decking. For instance, a known issue with wooden decking is that the boards can become extremely slippy in the wet. In short, timber breeds moss, mould and mildew, making it’s surface a slip hazard or safety issue over time. Composite boards are produced to resist weathering, hence providing a safer and less hazardous decking area during the wet.