What Is Capped Composite Decking Board?

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Composite material offers a lot of benefits when compared to timber decking. It is more durable, beautiful and lasts longer than wood. But there are different composite decking types in the ultradecking that you can use. There is the capped, uncapped, grooved as well as ungrooved decking. This article will focus more on capped composite decking.

The Capped Composite Decking

The capped composite decking is a composite decking board with an extra plastic layer on its outer part. Remember that composite decking is made from a mixture of recycled plastic material and wood fibres. These two materials are processed in the factory to form a composite decking board.

Composite decking is a more durable material than timber decking. The combination of wood and plastic gives the composite decking its strength. Wood-plastic decking is a strong material that can not crack or break easily, like wood.

What Is Capped Composite Decking Board?

Timber decking can crack or break if a lot of people are standing on it. The wood does not have the strength of composite decking to withstand pressure. Composite decking can bear high foot traffic and will not crack. It made composite decking a more durable material than wood.

Apart from being durable, composite decking is resistant to water and moisture. Wood decking will absorb moisture from the atmosphere, but composite decking will not absorb moisture. Also, the boards will not absorb rainwater if you install them outdoors. But there are some kinds of composite decking that have high water resistance.

The uncapped composite decking will absorb water if you Install it in a moist area. This type of composite decking does not have a plastic coating on its outer layer. They have low water resistance, but since it’s made from plastic and wood, they will not absorb water easily like wood decking.

But the capped composite decking has an added layer of plastic on its surface. It makes the board more resistant to water than the uncapped decking. The capped composite decking is good for installing in moist areas as it does not absorb moisture.

Type of Capped Composite Decking

There are different capped composite boards. Remember that the capped composite decking has an extra layer of plastic on its outside parts. There is one side capped decking that has an extra plastic coating on one side of the board. The coating is always on the part that faces up after installation.

Then, the two sides capped decking has a plastic coating on the top and bottom of the board. The three sides capped composite decking has plastic coating just on the top, bottom and one side of the board. Additionally, there is also composite decking with the whole side capped. This type of capped composite decking is the best as moisture or water will not be able to infiltrate the board.

Advantages of Capped Composite Decking

Resistant to Moisture 

Capped composite decking will resist moisture than the uncapped decking since it has an additional plastic coating. The board will not swell like wood. It is the best type of composite decking to install to prevent any chance of moisture from getting to the board. If you plan to install decking around your swimming pool, it is best to use composite decking with the whole side capped.

Long-lasting Colour

Composite decking comes in varieties of colours. Light grey, dark grey, light brown, dark brown and silver are the most common decking colours. If you use capped wood-plastic decking, the colour will not fade.

Wood decking will fade on exposure to sunlight that you have to keep staining or painting the woods to make it beautiful. But composite decking, especially the capped decking board colour, will last for a long time. It has UV protection on its outer layer that prevents UV rays from fading the board’s colour.

 Scratch Resistant

Composite decking is prone to scratches. Children’s toys and even pets can scratch the surface of the decking. But the capped decking board is scratch resistant because of its additional plastic coating. If you install the capped decking in your garden, your kids and dogs can play on it without being worried that it will scratch.


The capped composite decking is a type of decking with an additional layer of plastic on its surface. It makes the decking have a high resistance to moisture, less likely to fade and also scratch resistance.


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