Is Composite Decking Maintenance-Free?

composite decking

Decks have been a good part of our home for many years. It could either serve as a playroom, an entertainment room or a kitchen. Knowing your decking options is the first step since we have a lot of decking materials that were already made available in the market. Unlike before where decking options are limited, with the advancement of technology, we now have alternative board materials like PVC and composite. Moreover, there have been remarkable developments on its quality, including the appearance, the texture and durability.

Composite decking has been famous in the decking and home improvement industry. In fact, they have been featured in home improvement and DIY television shows. making more and more homeowners and builders aspiring to it. Furthermore, with its demand in the market, manufacturers aim to continuously make improvements to achieve the best quality and appearance. Unlike before where you can only purchase composite decking materials in specialty lumberyards, it was now available in builders’ merchants and DIY stores together with other traditional decking materials.

With a lot of home builders and households choosing composite decking, we are still left with questions about its maintenance and care. Of course, with different brands aiming to be on top of the home improvement industry, they wanted to leave a good impression about their products. Though the cost may not really be an issue, it is a matter of getting the best value for your money.

Since the 1990’s, composite decking was considered to be “the best” buy for homeowners. It was believed to be a solution to a poorly maintained wood deck. Contractors introduced composite decking in the market and initially, some producers made a lot of homeowners believe that it was maintenance-free, which created a big excitement. Who wouldn’t be excited about a deck with no warping, cracking, splitting and fading? Indeed, it was great to think that there is already an end to sanding and staining. Nevertheless, like any other decking, evidences of fading and scratching will soon show up after some time. Or worse, molds will be visible in some cases.

Composite decking is made from a mixture of recycled plastic and wood fibers. Initially, they were designed to be of “no maintenance”. The first manufacturers of this product promised a decking that doesn’t need cleaning or staining. Because of the issues with mold and mildew, this promise was changed from “no maintenance” to “low maintenance”. Everybody should know that exterior surfaces would definitely require cleaning.

A lot of people have little knowledge of composite decking. They were blinded by the thought that building a new one is like an escape from annual maintenance. Thus, everybody should know that anything exposed to natures elements will eventually get dirty and would require cleaning and maintenance. It sure looks great to have a nice composite decking area however, we must all be aware that keeping in top condition requires simple ongoing maintenance.

If you do most of your activities on your composite decking, make sure that you also perform extensive cleaning every now and then. Some homeowners hold barbeque parties on their composite decking and doing so may create scrapes and scratches from the grill itself. Heat and splattered grease can also be another factor that ruins composite decking. Use flame-resistant mats or decking stones can help. Cleaning your composite decking can be done in different methods depending on the manufacturer. Producers would most likely advise homeowners to use their preferred bristle brush and deck cleaning solution. The use of pressure washers is given with caution as it can void the warranty. An incorrect spray tip held in the wrong position can also create damage to the surface of your composite decking. is composite decking maintenance free

Since composite decking can collect dirt, it is necessary to perform periodic cleaning to make them look good all the time. Though some manufacturers would claim to offer composite decking that require little maintenance, making them look presentable still requires basic cleaning to prevent mold and lichen build up. Leaves and debris often cause this. However, repainting and resealing is not necessary as composite decking is resistant to rot.

If you wanted your deck to last for decades, proper cleaning should be followed. According to research, one of the best cleaning products to use is an oxygenated cleaner. Never use a product that contains chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach can extremely damage any surface material and could result in discolouration as well. Furthermore, it can only encourage mold and mildew build up. It’s best to choose a non-toxic, sodium bicarbonate based cleaner.

When choosing a composite decking material, it is important to consider the maintenance aside from the cost. A decking with a great life span as regards to rotting, warping, splintering, weathering and insect damage is a great choice. Composite decking has been on top of the competition, with its eco-friendly process, its reasonable pricing and very little maintenance.

Your composite decking should come with manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and maintenance. By simply following these steps, your composite decking should obtain its maximum longevity. Ultra-Decking advises its clients that although their product offers little to no maintenance, proper care is still necessary. They also provide tips that will keep your composite decking free from natures elements giving you more time to relax and enjoy your composite decking for longer.


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