How can I Protect My Deck from My Dog?


Having a beautiful deck to have fun with your family and friends is a dream come true. For sure, your family, including the four-legged ones, would love hanging outside at the deck. However, there are times that our lovely pets create some troubles over at our deck and vice versa. To help you avoid these troubles, here are some things that you can do to protect your deck from your dog: 

1. Deck chewing

If your dog loves to chew on toys or play with sticks on fetch, you know how big the possibility of your dogs to move on chewing your deck is as well. To stop your lovely dog from its plans, I suggest you spray ‘no chew’ spray to corners, edges, and other places that your dog may be able to gnaw. The no chew spray is normally available in any pet store. 

Another way to discourage your dog is to keep him busy with other toys that he can chew without any trouble at all. 

2. Scratching the Decking

Dog’s nails aren’t good friends with the wood decking. And as your dog runs back to back and scratches the decking and even the backdoor as they want to get in, the wood decking will eventually wear and tear. There are two solutions that you can choose from – make your dog wear boots outside or choose hardwood as your decking

If you opt for the latter, you may check on hardwoods like IPE decking. These are super dense and durable to wear and tear. Also, IPE decking won’t require any chemical pressure treatment, meaning it is pure, natural wood. 

Another best way is to teach them how they should behave on the deck. Let your dogs know that while the yard is for them to run and play around, the deck is just for them to lay down and relax on. 

composite decking and dogs

3. Dug Up Planters

Nowadays, many house owners have their lovely plants placed on the deck. While this makes the deck more beautiful, it will look like a beautiful digging spot for your beloved dogs. You can prevent them from doing this by putting the planters where they would be hard to reach. 

To secure the planters more, you may purchase wire fencing and lay it within the top of the planter to keep the dogs away. You can also sprinkle pepper or put some Liquid fence on the dirt for them to avoid the planters naturally.

However, while the things mentioned above protect your deck from the dog, here are some things that you could do to protect your dog from your deck: 

1. Scorching Deck

In the summer, the sun rays will make your deck real hot, which can make your dog hurt their feet. To avoid burning your dog’s paws, acquire a sealer with UV inhibitors that will be able to lock some rays of the sun. 

Another thing you can consider doing is to put up a rug or two, especially in areas without shade, to avoid scorching hot decks.

2. Insufficient Railing 

When we build the deck’s railing, people’s safety is the first thing that we want to consider. However, if you have dogs and kids at your home and your deck is built up off the ground, you might want to think of a more secure built of railing. It’s ideal for the vertical railing to be no more than 4 inches to avoid your kids and dogs from falling. 

3. Loose Nails

As time pass by, it’s inevitable for the nails to come off. And that displays a high risk of danger for your furry friends. These nails can cause serious wounds and may even damage your dog’s nails. To avoid this circumstance, perform maintenance regularly. This happens most of the time as the transition of the warm and cold seasons occurs. Make sure you check it on a regular basis

Once all of these are secured, you, your family, dogs, and decking can have a peaceful, happy life without any danger.

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