Ways You Can Get Rid of Foxes under Decking

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Under your decking can be a perfect home for animals who like dark shaded areas. Dangerous animals like foxes can often shelter spaces beneath timber or composite decking. It would be best if you did not allow that to happen. Foxes are dangerous animals that you shouldn’t allow to stay in your environment, not to mention beneath your ultradecking. They can harm your pets and even your kids; you shouldn’t keep such a carnivorous animal around you. What are the ways you can get rid of foxes under deckings?

Ways to Get Rid of Foxes Under Decking

Getting rid of fox under deck

Tidy Up Your Decking Area

One way to get rid of foxes under your decking is by tidying the area around your decking. Animals like to take shelter in an unkempt place. If you keep your backyard or garden tidy, it will scare foxes away—cut weeds in your garden. Trim overgrown flower beds and remove any unnecessary things away from your backyard. Keep the decking area clean to get rid of foxes.

Don’t Leave Food on Your Deck. 

Another way to get rid of foxes under your decking is by removing fallen foods on your decking. When leftover food is on your deck, it can attract animals to your deck area. The animals will start feeding the food and make it under your decking of their home. Do not leave any food scraps on your decking or in your backyard to keep that from happening. If you have a fruit tree close to your decking, pick up any fallen fruits to keep foxes from feeding on them.

Use Fox Deterrent Sprays

Using fox deterrent spray is an ideal method to get rid of foxes under your decking. You can always purchase fox deterrent spray in your local store. Fox deterrent sprays are ammonia-based chemicals that mimic the scent of fox urine. It mimics the scent markers that foxes use to stay away from other foxes’ territory.

The chemicals in the spray will keep the foxes away. Apply the deterrent spray under and around your decking area to keep foxes away. You can also apply it on your lawn and around your garden to scare foxes away.

Remove Garbage Cans

Foxes enjoy scattering garbage cans in search of something to eat. They are scavengers that like feeding on rubbish. To get rid of the foxes away from under your decking, remove any garbage can close to your decking area. You also need to get rid of the garbage can in your backyard to keep the foxes away. Dispose of your garbage regularly to avoid any piling up of garbage in your yard.

Feed Pets Indoors

Fox can feed on your pet food. If you are the type that feeds your cat or dog on your decking, foxes can eat the leftover pet food. To get rid of foxes under decking, do not feed your cat or dog outdoors. It would be best if you fed them indoors. If you must feed them outdoors, ensure you remove the food immediately after your pet finishes eating.

Use Flashing Lights and Sprinklers

You can also get rid of foxes under your decking by using flashlights and water sprinklers. Make the foxes uncomfortable by using a motion-activated flashlight to scare them away from your decking area. You can also use a motion-activated water sprinkler to make them uncomfortable around your decking. The foxes will surely leave if your decking area is uncomfortable for them to stay.

Seal Up the Decking Area

Lastly, seal up the area after getting rid of the foxes under your decking by removing food garbage cans and keeping your decking area tidy. You can use durable mesh wires to seal around your decking. After sealing around your decking with the wire mesh, you can place potted plants in front of the mesh to disguise the mesh.

You should ensure that the mesh is very strong to keep the foxes from cutting it. The foxes won’t stay under your decking if you seal the area. You can also seal your backyard or garden to keep the foxes from getting in.


There are different ways you can get rid of foxes under your decking. You can do that by tidying up your decking area,  removing garbage cans and any food scraps around your decking area. Apart from that, you can also use fox deterrent spray to get rid of foxes under your decking.


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