How to Make Wooden Planters From Decking

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If you love gardening, you can make wooden planters from Ultra Decking boards. Composite deckings and wood deckings are versatile materials to make different things apart from making a deck. You can also use it to build planters to grow plants. A wooden planter is easy to build with decking; you can build it from scratch or even buy a decking planter kit.

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DIY Wooden Planters From Decking

Making a planter yourself from scratch is not difficult. It allows you to build any size of planter you want. Apart from that, you can also choose to build your planter in any shape. You can make it a square or a rectangular shape. These are the steps to follow if you want to make wooden planters from decking.

Step 1 – Get the Materials Ready

First, gather all the materials needed to make the wooden planters with decking. Once you have all the materials needed, you can now start building your planter. The materials you will need to make a wooden planter with decking are a decking board, a power or manual drill, screws, screwdriver, handsaw, measuring tape, and base material.

Step 2 – Lay Down the Base

Start by laying down the base of your planter. The base should be a grid base or lattice base. It will allow the easy flow of water, and it will also promote air circulation.

Step 3 – Create Holes 

Using measuring tape, calculate the length of the wood and cut it into sizes with a handsaw. After cutting the boards to size, use a manual or power drill to make pilot holes in two decking boards. The pilot hole will keep the wood decking from cracking when you insert a screw in it.

Make three pilot holes on two of the boards, the shorter ones. Create holes from the end edge of the board.

Step 4 – Fasten the Boards 

Attach the boards with galvanised screws. Galvanised screws are suitable for planters; they won’t rust when exposed to air and moisture. Then, line the boards up so that you can position the pilot holes on the outside corners. Then use a power or manual drill to fasten the screws to the boards. If you don’t have a drill, use a screwdriver instead.

Step 5 – Attach the Base

Place the grid base inside the wooden planter. Use a drill or a screwdriver and screws to fasten the grid base to the planter box. The grid base is important if you intend to put the planter on your decking or balcony. Once you’ve attached the grid or lattice base to the planter box, your wooden planters with decking are ready.

Additionally, you can use sealant to coat the planter to prevent the wood decking from absorbing water. Apart from that, you can also paint the wooden planters with decking to any colour of your choice. Painting it will make the planter look more attractive.

Step 4 – Fill it With soil.

Now that you have finished making wooden planters with decking, it’s time to fill them with soil. Fill the planter with your garden soil and start using it to grow plants right away. You can place the planter in your garden and use it to grow vegetables or flowers. Besides that, you can also choose to place the wooden planters on your decking or your balcony and use it to grow beautiful flowers.

Wooden Decking Planter Kit 

Planter kits are easier to assemble. You don’t need a tool to assemble the planter kit. Most of these kits contain manufacturer instructions on how to assemble them. If yours does not come with a manual, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1 – Get the Kit Ready

Get a planter kit from the store according to the size you want. The kits usually contain a grid base and an aeration sheet to promote proper air circulation.

Step 2 – Assembling the Kit

Start by laying out the grid base and placing the creation sheet on it. Then we start fastening the wood decking boards to each other. Install the corner posts by attaching each post to the corners of the base grid.

After doing that, attach the wood decking by slipping them into the holes in the corner post. Your planter is ready.

Step 3 – Fill the Wooden Planter With Soil

Add soil inside the wooden planters with decking and start using it to grow any plant of your choice.


Making wooden planters from the decking is easy. If you adhere to the guidelines laid out in these write-ups, you will be able to make beautiful wooden planters with deckings.


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