How to Get Rid of Rats Under Your Decking

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The space under your ultradecking can serve as a perfect place for rats to hide.  They can even make their homes under the composite decking. It can be very disturbing to have rats living beneath your decking. Rats are unwelcome visitors, and you need to get rid of them. Let’s see how to know if there is a rat under your wood or composite decking. This article will also discuss how to get rid of rats under your decking.


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How to Know If You Have Rats Under Your Decking

Rats are often more active at night than during the daytime. You can know if rats are under your decking through their droppings, rub marks, and holes.


You can know if you have rats under your decking by their droppings. The droppings are dark brown and resemble a large grain of rice. You can find the droppings concentrated in a particular spot under your decking.

Rub Marks

Rats often brush their bodies against surfaces. The grease and dirt on their bodies can leave dark marks on your decking.

 Rat Holes

Check for holes around your decking. Rats dig holes about 6 to 9cm wide next to a structure or solid object. They use the holes as shelter and also for storing food.

Ways to Get Rid of Rats Under  Your Decking

Remove Leftover Food

If you suspect rat infestation under your decking, you should remove any leftover foods around the decking area. Rats are attracted to leftover food in the surroundings. They need food to survive. Food scraps can fall on the spaces between your decking; clean up fallen food on your decking after eating. If you remove all traces of leftover food around your decking, the rats won’t have anything to feed on.

Remove water sources

Apart from food, rats also need water to survive. They can’t stay in an area without access to water. To get rid of rats under your wood or composite decking, remove any water source in your backyard. If you have a dripping tap in your garden, stop the tap from dripping water on the floor. You can also attach baffles to drain pipes.

Keep the garden Clean.

Rats are attracted to shaded or covered areas, which include your decking. Keep your garden tidy to get rid of rats under your composite decking. A dirty environment can attract rats more than a clean area. While rats are less likely to seek shelter in a tidy environment, keep your backyard clean by cutting any bushes around. Keep the decking area clean by removing unwanted materials close to the decking. Apart from that, always trim your lawn to reduce overgrown areas. When the surroundings are clean and tidy, it will keep rats away.

Move Things Around

Another way you can get rid of rats is by moving things around the decking area. Rats are always scared of new things in the territory. They don’t like any form of disruption to their territory. To keep the rats away, ensure you place obstacles in their territory and frequently move things around the decking.

Block Access to Decking

Rats like to hibernate in dark or shaded areas that are hard to reach. Underneath your decking can be an ideal spot for rats to seek shelter. To keep rats from using beneath your decking as shelter, block all access to the decking. You can run a mesh or chicken wire along the decking edges between the decking and the ground. It will keep rats getting under your decking. If you are concerned about the mesh distorting the appearance of your decking, arrange potted flowers around your decking to mask the mesh.

Remove Compost Bin

You can get rid of rats from your decking by removing any compost bin close to it. A compost bin can attract rats to the area. The rats can feed on food scraps inside the bin. Remove the bin away from the decking area to keep rats away. Additionally, you can also block access to the bin. It will prevent the rats from feeding on it.

Get a Pet

Pets like cats and dogs can scare rats away. You can get a pet and place it in your decking area. It will surely keep the rats away from your decking.


You can get rid of rats under your decking by removing any leftover food and water source around your decking. Additionally, you can also use a pet to get rid of cats under your decking.


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