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How to Use Leftover Composite Decking

On completion of building your decking area, can you use the leftover composite boards to build other things? If you have leftover composite decking boards, you can use them to make planters, benches and more. Let’s discuss how to use leftover composite decking.

Leftover Composite Decking Ideas

Build a Storage Box

Constructing a storage box with composite decking is a perfect way to use leftover composite decking. You can use a storage box built from leftover composite decking boards to store all your gardening accessories or other items, such as garden cushion or even children’s garden toys.

Since composite decking is a very durable material, the storage box constructed with composite boards will stand the test of time. The composite storage box will not splinter since it is highly resistant to moisture, termites and other weathering elements, including UV rays. The perfect place to keep your summer accessories for easy access.

Construct a Planter Box

Building a planter box with leftover composite decking is also a good idea. Composite boards come in a variety of colours. A planter box made with composite decking will look modern and aesthetically pleasing, making it a great accessory for your garden.

A composite planter box are perfect for planting flowers and will not rot over time like wood, this is due to its durability and resistance to moisture. In addition, composite decking boards do not leach chemicals into the ground or soil. Therefore, they are safe to build planters and raised garden beds.

Building a Pet House

As composite decking boards are safe for pets, leftover composite decking can be used to build a pet or bird house in the garden. A perfect addition to your garden!

Make a Bench

Composite decking is resistant to water and moisture making it perfect for a garden bench; leftover composite decking can be used to build a bench or seating for your garden. If you use composite boards to make a bench or seating area, they won’t warp, crack or splinter. Even if it rains, water will not penetrate the bench. Therefore, it won’t rot or decay over time. You can also add cushions for a perfect look.

Add a Garden Path

Apart from making a bench, you can use the leftover composite decking to create a path in your garden. Opting for a garden path will enhance your gardens appearance, making it more inviting and aesthetically pleasing. You can install lights and boarders like the image seen on your right. Adding a path will also reduce the amount of grass in your garden helping to limit the annually maintenance. A path made from composite decking will look good and will allow for easy access to any area in your garden.

Create a Garden Bed

If you love gardening, you can use the leftover composite decking to construct a garden bed. Composite decking, unlike pressure treated wood, does not contain toxic chemicals and won’t leach chemicals into the soil. So, if you use composite decking to make a garden bed, the plants will be safe.

In addition, wood-plastic decking repels water. So, your composite decking garden bed will be prone to less damage and will improve your garden design.


Homeowners can use leftover composite decking for various purposes. They can use it to build a bench, pet house, garden bed or storage box.

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