Composite Decking and Dog Urine

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Owning some pets can be a handful. But as loving owners, we treat our dogs as a part of the family. Sure, you’ll have to make some sacrifices, but it’s all worth it in the end. When building a structure, you’ll also have to consider your pets. If you have dogs and want to build or have a composite deck, you may have a few concerns. One of the most common concerns for pet owners who plan or have patios is urine. What does dog urine do to a deck? If you have a dog, should you build a composite decking? And if you already have a patio, how can you clean your dogs’ “business”? 


composite decking and dogs

Decks and Dog Urine

What does dog urine do to a deck? Depending on the material used, it can potentially ruin the patio. For instance, wood, especially non-pressure-treated ones, will soak up any liquid if left for a long time. When your dog pees on a wooden deck, the pee seeps into the wood, damaging and staining it.

So what about composites? Will dog urine have any effect on composites? As long as the composite decking board is appropriately maintained, there will be no major consequences when they’re exposed to dog pee. Of course, when the composite decking boards are damaged or chipped, it may be possible for the pee to seep into the deck. In this case, it may ruin the deck. Fortunately, composites are scratch-resistant and very durable. You won’t have to worry about it unless your deck is compromised. 

How to Clean Composite Decking off Dog Urine

Despite being resistant to stains and moisture damage, it’s best to clean the dog pee on your composite decking as soon as possible. But how can you clean it? Do you need to take extra measures?

Composites are very low-maintenance. You don’t need to get extra supplies to clean it. As for dog pee, you need water, a soap solution, and a soft-bristled hand brush. You only need to wet the deck, pour the soap solution, and gently brush it to remove any traces of the pee. It’s that simple. Unlike wood, you don’t need to spend on stains and seals, protecting the wood from moisture and stains.

How To Keep Your Dogs From Peeing in Your Composite Deck

Composites are easy to clean and resistant to dog pee. However, it’s within your best interests to keep your dogs from peeing in your composite decking. But how can you keep your dogs from doing their “business” on your patio?


The first way to do so is to train the dog. Sure, you will need time and effort to do this successfully. But once you’ve trained your pups, you can save more time and effort compared to not training them at all. Instead of the patio, give them space to freely do their business and train them to go there whenever they need to. 


Another way to keep your dogs out of your decks is by making and applying repellents that will discourage your dog from peeing on the patio. For this, you have a lot of options. And because you’re working with composite decking, you don’t have to worry too much about damaging the deck. 


One of the things that you can use is vinegar and lemon solution. Spray it on areas on the deck where your dog pees. The smell of the solution may discourage your pets from peeing in that area. However, be careful not to overdo it since the dogs have sensitive noses, and the solution may be too much for you and the dogs to handle. There are other homemade solutions that you can try. 


Another option is buying commercial products that keep the dogs away. There are plenty of these products which are safe for dogs. This will effectively mask the smell of the area, discouraging the dogs from peeing


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