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Are Composites Too Hot for Dogs?

Dogs are not just pets; they are a much-loved part of the family. So we want to consider them regarding any decisions that we make, even though that means we’ll sacrifice some things for their sake. The same thing can be said when building decking since most dogs will spend a lot of time on your outdoor deck. It’s an area where they can lounge and run around freely.

Many homeowners choose composite decking boards over other types of decking. They are durable, long-lasting and low-maintenance. Composite decking materials are easy to install and environmentally friendly. However, you may have a few concerns regarding your pets when choosing composites. One such concern is whether the deck will be too hot for dogs. So the question is, are composites too hot for dogs?

Composite Decking and Dogs

When it comes to staying cool during a hot summer day, wood is one of the ideal materials for decking. However, that heat can cause the wood to expand and fade. So instead of using wood, many choose other materials instead. Here’s where composites come in. Most wood composites do expand and fade too. While they do fade, they don’t turn to grey as woods do. Instead, they only turn lighter. But are they safe for dogs? Will it be too hot for the dogs

Composites are safe for dogs. When it comes to becoming hot, any material will become hot when exposed to high temperatures. Even wood gets hot, given enough time under the sun. For composites, they can become hotter than wood, but not by much. Composites are also cooler than other plastic decking materials. There are also new composites that are specially designed to be cooler than others. So, in general, composites are good for dogs.

There are other reasons why composite is perfect for dogs. They are resistant to scratches, don’t have chemical coatings like pressure-treated lumber, and are very easy to clean. As technology improves, more and more composites are becoming more resistant to heat absorption. Overall, composite decking is a solid choice for the whole family, including your dogs.

Keeping Your Deck Cool For Your Dogs

As previously mentioned, decks, regardless of type, will become hot with prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Fortunately, as a loving pet owner, there are many ways to cool down your composite decking. It will benefit everyone, not just your dogs.

So, how can you keep your deck cool for the entire family? Here are a few ways to do it.

  • Plant More Trees – Plants can offer you natural shade, which keeps the temperature down. It also keeps the air around the area cool and fresh. And since you are using composite decking materials, you don’t have to worry as much when it comes to maintenance. You only need to ensure that there will be no piles of plants, pollen, or leaves on your deck to avoid mould growth. 
  • Install Artificial Shading – If you don’t want to add plants to improve shading, consider getting artificial shading. You can set up umbrellas on your deck. You can even build a pergola in your deck out of composites if you have some money to spare. It will keep a part of the deck cool, but it can also be a beautiful addition to your garden.
  • Go with light colours – Light colours absorb heat slower than dark colours. If you haven’t built your deck yet, light-coloured boards are perfect. If you already have a deck installed, you can get light furniture instead of dark coloured ones. Make sure the pillows, sofas, and other objects in your deck are also light coloured. 
  • Setup some Fans – Keep the heat away by using the breeze from electric fans. Some people use misting fans, which spray cool water along the air, keeping the temperature down. You can even do some DIY projects to turn your ordinary ones into improvised misting fans. 

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