In building a composite decking, the first you need to do is create a base for the deck. Without the proper foundation, your composite deck won’t be able to last long as it should. So, what base do you need for composite decking ? You will need a solid base so that you decking will stay strong on the ground. And how do you create a frame for a composite deck?

What Base Do You Need?

When building a composite deck, you’ll want a solid and level ground, especially for ground-level and floating decks. One of the few things to achieve this is by pouring concrete over the area where you’ll install the deck. However, you’ll need to create drainage to avoid water pooling, which can potentially damage the frame of your deck. 

Another easier way to create a base for floating decks without needing to pour concrete on your backyard is by using concrete slabs. You can even use it on dirt. However, if you do so, you’ll want to kill the weeds and grass within the area of installation. It’s also best to cover the ground with landscaping fabric. The fabric will help prevent the growth of weeds and grass, which can be damaging to the frame and your deck. 

As for uneven land, aside from slabs, one of the things you can do is to install adjustable pedestals. You can also use it to raise the level of the deck without needing to make major changes to your backyard. You can get them at your composite decking supply stores. 

After ensuring an appropriate base for your composite deck, the next thing you’ll have to do is to create a frame. But what are the materials should you be using? And how do you build it?

What Materials Should You Use?

When it comes to the frame, selecting the right materials is as important as the deck itself. If you plan to use a long-lasting composite deck, you’ll want a frame that can last as long as well. For composite decking, at least a pressure-treated frame is necessary. However, if you want added durability, you can also find composite decking wood for framing. 

Creating a Base and a Frame for a Composite Deck

decking base

Creating a frame for a composite deck depends on the type of deck you’ll be building. The first thing you’ll want to do is to create a layout. With a string, some stakes, and a can of spray paint, mark the corners and post locations of your composite decking. 

Next, dig the holes for the post if you’re working with dirt. If you have concrete, you can use post anchors to set the decking posts. You can also use adjustable pedestals to raise the deck frame, especially if you think there’ll be any water pooling problems or the area is not flat. 

After installing the post, you’ll need to create a frame for your deck. For fixed decking, you have to anchor it on one side of your home. Next, install the beams and the joists. For this step, there one important thing you should remember, and that is proper joists spacing. 

How much space should joists be apart? For the most part, 16 inches on centre is the most common for the majority of the composite decks. However, you will still want to consult your decking board for manufacturers. 

If the joists are too far apart, the composite deck can be unsteady and sagging. However, installing them too close to each other will not only use more materials, but it can also be more difficult to install. Once the joists and the frame is installed, you can now start to add the decking boards. 

Installing a decking without any professional help is possible. However, you will need a good base for the composite deck. Many use concrete flooring and concrete slabs for an even and stable base. Some also use adjustable pedestals. Using a pressure-treated wood or composites will make a strong and durable frame.