Does Composite Decking Scratch Easily?

decking scratch

Composite decking is an excellent alternative for timber. It will transform your outdoor place more convenient and easy to maintain space. Composite decks are from wood scraps, plastics and additives. 

The combination of wood and plastic is engineered to eliminate rot and make it more durable. However, with the materials used, composite decking boards are not indestructible. They may be prone to some scratching but can be manageable. 

 Many composite deck boards have a core and a cap which make them moisture resistant. It prevents weathering and tearing. 

Advantages of Composite Decking

Composite decking is designed to last for years. These decks usually come with a 50-year warranty. It has been recorded around Europe that many composite decks are several years old. 

Its durability has been tested and does not fade nor stain. They are made to terminate rot and decay.

It is splinter-free and also insect-proof though you may not worry about termites and ants inhabitants. It does not promote the growth of mildew and mould. 

Composite decks may cost higher than the usual wood decks. But the cost of maintenance is very minimal. With composite decking, you get the best value for your money; it is a good investment at a reasonable price. 

With the use of composite decking, one gets to save the environment. The boards are made from renewable materials that help in the sustainability of nature.

Composite decks come with numerous colours to choose from. They are designed with different shades such as deep earth tones to vibrant red and green. They are made to suit every consumer’s taste and preference. When buying, always check out its 25-year fade and stain warranty.

They are easy to install, but after some years there will a bit of sanding and other restoration processes.


Building Composite Decks

Does composite decking scratch easily

It is not an easy decision to start a decking project because many worry about getting the type of, but that meets their test. This should not be an issue considering the advancement made in the industry; there are numerous decks to choose from. Rest assured that composite decking is a smart choice.

Composite decks are pressure treated which is a similar process used for wood decks. The difference between such treatment is how it is gapped and supported. 

The manufacturer’s specifications will indicate the perfect size of the gaps that are required when installing any composite decking.

Gapping is a requirement and is necessary for compression and expansion. 

One must bear in mind that composite decking requires more joists, especially if the foundation is originally built for wood decking. 

Also, consider airflow and drainage. The surface below the deck must be pitched for proper drainage. A gutter system is needed to drain water from underneath.

Composite decking manufacturers offer product warranties. Remember that those warranties will be void if the instructions are not strictly followed. 

Always read the manual and follow product specifications and instructions for easy installation. Avoid unsafe and degraded composite decks.

Disadvantages of Composite Decking

The cost of composite decks is about 50% higher than any standard wood decks available in the market today. Some consumers opt for timber decks because they are more affordable. 

Composite decking is made with treated lumber, and the colours are permanent. One cannot change the shade, colour and tint. 

Some composite decks that have darker colours can fade over time. The change in colour and damage due to severe scratching may be noticeable. Repairing the damage will be difficult and may require replacement of individual composite deck boards.

Composite decking may have a number of pros and cons. Opting for composite decking may require a bigger budget, but such choice will have a lasting positive effect in terms of low maintenance and durability. 

It is best to research, which is the best composite board manufacturer before making the decision. Take into consideration the quality and appearance. Make a final check about the design that you choose. The designs may look slightly different from brochures than in the actual setting. 

Hire the best contractor before starting the project. The composite deck boards may be easy to install, but it also requires a little expertise to complete the work.

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