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Why Homeowners Prefer Oak Composite Decking

When building a decking area, you have the option to select which material to use. In recent years, many have turned to composites for their benefits and advantages over wood. But aside from choosing the material, you also have to decide on what colour to use. Composite decking are available in different shades and colours. But for many homeowners, oak composite decking is the best. Why do homeowners prefer oak composite decking?

Reasons Homeowners Prefer Oak Composite Decking

Perhaps one of the best advantages of composites is their aesthetics. Synthetic decking, while not necessarily unattractive, is often artificial-looking and has a more polished finish. Because of this, many shy away from using plastic decking. On the other hand, oak colour composite decking captures the rustic and timeless beauty of real lumber.

You can mistake many high-quality oak composite decking boards for the real deal. Some top brands also have unique groove patterns on the surface, adding finesse to the already beautiful decking boards. You can also find ones with textured surfaces, which adds to the authentic feel of real wood.

1 Matches Most Home Designs

When choosing to build a decking area, homeowners will want a cohesive outdoor design and colour. As for oak decking, you can match it with any style. Neutral shades, such as grey, browns, and beiges work wonders in any setting. Choosing them also gives homeowners the freedom to alter the exterior design without worrying about the deck mismatching the new style.

You can use oak decking boards to create many wonderful outdoor space designs. It’s compatible with many colour palettes, easy on the eyes, and creates a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere for your outdoor living area. If you need help choosing a design for your patio, you can look at many inspirations from magazines, home improvement shows, and internet posts. You can also contact a decking supplier to find the best advice and the best deals.

2 It comes in Different Shades

When it comes to the real thing, there are various oak colours. You find oak boards with reddish, brown, and grey shades. When using oak decking, you can also achieve these different colours by applying stains. On the other hand, composite decking doesn’t require staining. Still, you can find various shades that look like real oak.

With composites, you can pick from a wide variety of colours. You can go for light oak composite decking. If a darker variety suits your exterior’s design better, you can go for a brown or grey shade instead.

Another advantage of composites is that the colour of the deck doesn’t fade like real wood. While weathered wood looks good, too much natural fading can turn it into grey. Staining wood decking annually will add to the total cost of ownership. On the other hand, composites do not change colour but only slightly lighten after some UV exposure. But if you like that weathered look, you can also find weathered oak decking.

Oak Decking Without Any of the Drawbacks of Wood

For many years, many homeowners have used real oak decking boards for their astounding beauty. Not only is it readily available, but wood is also easy to install. Not to mention, it’s cheap and reliable. However, using oak and other lumber for decking has its drawbacks. Many are okay with it until a better solution comes out. And then comes composites.

Composite decking boards are as beautiful as the real thing without any of the disadvantages of wood. It doesn’t suffer from moisture damage, which in turn can increase mould growth and accelerate rotting. It is also less prone to warp, bend, splinter, or crack. It has the durability of plastic while maintaining the aesthetics of wood.

Another advantage of composite decking oak is that it is low-maintenance. As mentioned, it does not require staining, as well as painting and sealing. It retains its colour for many years, with only minimal fading. Cleaning is also easy, only requiring usual household cleaning materials. A quick wash and rinse will keep the oak decking colour sleek and shiny. However, many will recommend a thorough wash at least two times a year.

Where to Get Them?

If you plan to build a deck in your garden, you will not regret choosing composites with oak colours. Oak composite decking is as beautiful as real wood. You can choose what shades to use, from light oak composite decking to darker varieties.

Shades and mixed colours are a new production technique used in high end first and second generation boards. These mixed coloured boards are price differently when compared to traditional composite boards due to there enhance natural appearance.

You can choose shades from red, brown, and grey. If you are a fan of the aged wood look, you can get weathered oak decking. You can have the outdoor living space of your dreams without having to deal with issues of using real wood.

Many high-quality suppliers offer various oak decking boards. Some even give excellent discounts and deals from time to time. If you are still unsure, many are offering samples, most of them free of charge. You can also ask them for advice regarding any decking matter.

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