5 Ways You Can Stop Your Composite Decking From Scratching

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When it comes to decking, scratches are often problematic, especially for families with pets and children. Not only will it damage your decking, but scratches can also make your decking look unattractive. Fortunately, there are 5 ways you can stop your Ultradecking composite decking from scratching. Here are some of the things that you can try on your decking.

1. Avoid Using Heavy Furniture

Kids and pets are not the only causes of decking scratches. Some are from heavy furniture placed on top of the decking. When these pieces of furniture move, they can graze the decking. For this reason, you will want to avoid using any heavyweight furniture and fixtures. It’s also best to steer clear from ones with metal footing, as it is more likely to scratch your decking.

If you do have to use heavier furniture, you can try placing soft padding on the feet of your furniture. Be careful not to drag them around to avoid any scratches.

2. Use Mats, Rugs, and Carpets

Another way to protect your decking from scratches is by using rugs, carpets, mats, or any floor covering. Not only do they prevent scratching, but they can also make your composite more beautiful. However, there are a few things you have to keep in mind if you want to use them.

Some types of rugs and mats can do more harm than good. If you will be using them, avoid hard backing ones such as latex and rubber, as they can over time scratch your decking. If you have no choice but to use them, make sure to clean them as often as possible, since they can also cause stains. Likewise, you will also want to avoid carpets and rugs with metallic accents that may scratch your decking.

3. Choose Scratch-Resistant Decking

When building a new decking or replacing an old one, you will want to consider using more scratch-resistant materials. Composites are some of the best materials in this regard. However, not all composites are the same. With so many available varieties, you will still have to choose among them.

For the most protection from scratches, opt for capped composites. Capped composites have a hard exterior usually made from plastic polymers such as PVC. It protects the boards from most forms of damage. Uncapped composites, on the other hand, provide little protection from scratches, as well as from moisture, moulds, and UV.

4. Maintain Your Decking

Composite decking is one of the lowest-maintenance decking options available. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to maintain it. The truth is, clean your decking as often as necessary to maintain the quality of your decking. If you can’t preserve the quality of the decking boards, they will become more susceptible to damage, including scratches.

Fortunately, composite decking is very easy to maintain compared to other deckings. Unlike wood, you don’t have to paint or seal the decking every few years. While you may use commercial products specifically made for decking cleaning, a simple homemade soap solution often does the job well. However, you will want to follow any instructions from the manufacturers regarding maintenance.

5. Never Use Sharp and Abrasive Objects on Your Decking

When cleaning your decking, always remember not to use any sharp objects that can potentially scratch your decking. For general cleaning, you will want to use a soft-bristled brush. You may use a power washer using a wide tip at the lowest setting possible. However, you may still want to consult the decking boards’ manufacturers, as you may void your warranty coverage.

Aside from sharp objects, you will also want to avoid any abrasive products. For instance, during the winter, it may be difficult to remove ice and snow on your decking. Using a metal shovel can potentially damage your decking, but so as abrasive chemical ice removers. If you have trouble removing ice and snow, use calcium-chloride based ice melt.

protect your composite decking from scratches

Protect Your Decking From Scratches

5 ways you can stop your composite decking from scratching. Not only will it make your decking less beautiful, but scratches can also cause more problems. The good news is, there are many ways to prevent it. If possible, avoid placing and using heavy furniture on your composite decking.

If you do use them, you can make use of the right paddings, carpets, rugs, and mats. It’s also best to clean and maintain your decking. However, remember not to use sharp tools and abrasive chemicals. Most of all, if you are thinking of building decking or replacing an old one, opt for scratch-resistant materials.

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