Why Termites Do Not Eat Composite Decking

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Tips for Choosing the Best Composite Decking

Ultra decking installation is increasingly popular in homes in recent times. Homeowners now prefer installing composite decks in their homes more than ever before. Composite decking is the most sought-after decking type because of its outstanding properties. Unlike lumber decking that is prone to damage by wood-eating insects like termites, composite decks can not be eaten by termites. You may have for once wondered why termites do not eat composite decking?

Composite Decking Brand

What You Need to Know About Composite Decking

Composite decking is a kind of decking that is stronger, denser and durable. It is a decking type that will make your home look beautiful for several years with little maintenance. Composite decking does not fade over time; the decking is available in different colours to keep your home looking radiant. If you install composite decking in your house, you won’t need to spend a huge sum of money on maintenance.

Unlike other decking types, you don’t have to keep re-staining or sanding the composite decking every year. All you need to do to keep your deck beautiful is to sweep and mop it with soap and water. Decking manufacturers create composite decking with a kind of material that insects can not bore through. If you use composite decking in your home, the deck will last for decades without getting damaged by termites.

Composite Decking Material 

Wood plastic decking materials are produced with the best kind of material that makes them superior to other decking types.  Composite decking manufacturers used wood fibres, recycled plastics material like polyethylene and bonding agents to make composite decking. The wood fibre, plastics and bonding agents are combined in the process of production and then heated. Thus, the heated mixture is then moulded into different shapes and allowed to cool.

Composite decking is an excellent decking option you can use for your home if you want a kind of decking that will last for a long time. Composite decking cannot splinter like wood decking, you and your pets can walk on the it barefoot without it splintering.

The material used in making composite decking gives it the ability to thrive in various weather conditions. Composite decking can last all year long because of its ability to withstand different temperature changes.  The decking will not get damaged in hot, cold, and rainy seasons, making it suitable for outdoor use.

If you install composite decking in your home, you don’t need to spray the deck with insecticides. Composite deckings can repel insects; insects like termites will not be able to eat your decking. Composite decking comes in different shapes, sizes, and colours that will suit any outdoor design. With composite decking, you choose a deck design that will suit what you want.

Why Termites Do Not Eat Composite Decking

why termite will not eat decking

Termites do not eat composite decking because composite deckings are invulnerable to insects. Composite board manufacturers used materials that wood-eating insects like termites cannot penetrate. Wood-boring insects would not be able to damage composite decking, unlike the wood decking type. Because they have a strong resistance to insects like termites, composite decking is superior to all other decking types.

The mixture of wood fibre and plastics used in composite decking production makes it so strong that termites do not eat composite decking.  Composite decking manufacturers encased the wood fibres in the plastics material so that insects can never get through.

Homeowners can use composite decking in their home for several decades without insects eating it, unlike the wood deck. If you install composite decking in your home, you can rest assured that your composite decking cannot become food for termites.  Also, Composite deckings are rot-proof, it can not warp, rot or decay because of the kind of materials the manufacturer used in making them.


Termites do not eat composite decking because composite deckings are resistant to insects. Manufacturers made the composite decking with materials that termites can never infiltrate. Wood-eating insects like termites can not penetrate composite decking, making it superior to other decking types.

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