What Is Capped Composite Decking?

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Capped Decking

If you’re a beginner or have little experience with decking, you may have encountered some unfamiliar terms. One of the few things that you should know about is the different types of Ultradecking composite decking boards. When it comes to composites, capped composites are the best. But what is capped composite decking? What makes it better than others? And do you need to use them?

Capped Composite Decking

There are many types of composite decking boards on the market. If you have no prior knowledge about them, the chances are you’ll be getting ones that you may end up not liking. So before you buy your supplies, you’ll want to be familiar with different kinds of decking boards. Two of the most common types of decking boards are capped and uncapped wood-plastic decking boards. What have capped composites?

Composites are materials made from mixing wood and plastic fibres, having both their advantages. Composites have the durability, long-lasting, and low-maintenance properties of plastic while having the beauty and aesthetics of wood.

But despite their superiority over wood, they are still susceptible to problems related to using wood. The wooden fibres are still exposed to the elements, which can damage them. To provide a solution to these problems, composite decking experts developed capped composites. A protective layer called capping is added, either during or after the extrusion of the decking boards. Polymer materials, such as PVC, are the most common type of capping.

On the other hand, uncapped composite decking boards have no added protection. While they are still excellent materials compared to wood, they won’t last as long as capped composites.

What Are the Advantages of Capped Composite Decking?

The added protection from the polymer capping of capped composites provides many advantages. First of all, it increases the overall durability of the decking boards. Capped composites are more resistant to impact, thanks to the hard exterior.

Another advantage of capped composites is their protection from moisture. Wooden decking tends to rot, crack, and grow moulds when exposed to moisture. Uncapped composite decking often expands, shrink, and warp. As for capped composites, it has better resistance to all those issues. As long as you maintain your decking regularly, you won’t encounter any of these problems with capped composites.

When it comes to aesthetics, capped composites are also often superior to their uncapped versions. Depending on the quality of the product, capped composites can either have a single colour or mixed shades to produce a wood-like appearance. They also often have grain textures for a more sophisticated look. Capped composite decking also adds safety, as many manufacturers use anti-slip materials.

Where to Get Capped WPC Decking?

What Is Capped Composite Decking?

Of course, not all capped composites have the same quality. Different companies use different materials to make the capping or the shield for the decking. So to get the best capped composite decking materials, you will need to research carefully. One way to get your hands on them is to find a reliable and trusted brand.

While many brands offer capped composites, only a few have top-quality decking boards. Even then, you’ll need to find the right materials that will suit your needs and preferences. Some manufacturers will offer better capped composite decking boards at a higher price range. However, that doesn’t mean the lower-tiered products are not good.

For instance, Ultra Decking is a trusted and reliable company and one of the UK’s best suppliers of capped composite decking boards. They have three tiers of products, but if you want the best quality, you’ll want to get boards from their Signature Collection. If you’re on a budget, their lower and more affordable products will do just fine.

Do You Need Capped WPC Decking?

Capped composites are decking boards with added protection from damage, such as moisture, moulds, insects, and fading. These boards are protected by a layer of polymer, often PVC. If you want long-lasting, low-maintenance, and beautiful decking, capped composite decking is one of your best options.


What is capped composite decking? Capped composite decking has an extra layer of protection on its surface. This improved, well-engineered surface texture will shield your decking from moisture and other natural elements.


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