Which is Better Between Timbertech and Trex?

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Composite decking board is one of the best types of decks. It’s durable, easy to maintain, and can last for decades. It is also resistant to most issues a wooden patio would have. Because of this, many people prefer to use composite decking boards as an alternative to wood. Two of the biggest suppliers for composite decking are Timbertech and Trex. Both of these companies produce the best quality composites. However, you can only pick one of them. So when faced with the decision of choosing one, which is better between Timbertech and Trex?

About the Companies

Timbertech is a leading supplier of exterior building supplies, including composite decking. It first entered the market in 1997, offering a single colour composite decking board. They gained popularity when they first released a black PVC railing system, which was rare at that time. Most railing systems only come in whites.

Now they are offering various composite decking boards and accessories. In 2012, AZEK acquired Timbertech and is now under the “outdoor living division” of the said company’s catalogue. Trex entered the composite decking market one year earlier than Timbertech.

They are regarded as the true inventors and pioneers of composite decking. Like Timbertech, their products were limited in variety at first. But as time went on, they released new and improved versions of composite boards. Aside from decking boards, they also supply outdoor accessories and furniture.

Price: It’s a Tie!

One of the many concerns you may have is the price of the materials. In this regard, which is better; Timbertech or Trex? It’s a close one. Both of these companies offer high-quality materials at a decent price. It’s hard to compare the prices as there are various kinds of composites.

Better Between Timbertech and Trex

However, when it comes to high-tier materials, Timbertech boards are slightly more expensive. As for the top-tier of each company, Timbertech offers more realistic boards, while Trex matches it with durability, being the most durable in the market. So when it comes to pricing, they’re identical.

Durability: Trek Wins!

First, let’s talk about capping. Composite decking boards are covered with a moisture-resistant film that keeps out moisture from entering the boards. Trex and Timbertech handle capping in different approaches. For Trex, the boards are capped except the bottom. Trex does this to give more breathability and lets the moisture drain from the bottom of the boards.

On the other hand, Timbertech has boards that are fully capped on all sides. They believe that it’s best to keep the moisture entirely out of the boards. While there is no clear winner, many states that 3-sided caps work better.

Another durability factor is how resistant the boards are to scratches. In this regard, both Timbertech and Trex perform very well. The only way to know which one is better is by doing a manual scratch test. Some tests show that Trex Transcend is the most resistant.

So as far as durability goes, Trex is slightly better than Timbertech. However, their difference is not as notable as you would think.

Warranties: Timbertech wins!

When it comes to warranties, both companies offer excellent coverage for their products. However, Timbertech offers a 30-year warranty, whereas Trex only offers 25 years. But what do these warranties cover?

Both companies offer similar warranties. For instance, both of the warranties state that they’ll replace the boards if they fade more than 5 Delta E units. Delta E units are the measurement used to compare colours. A 1 Delta E labelled unit will be visually different from a 10 Delta E.

Their warranties also state that the customers will be responsible for maintaining the decking, especially when it comes to mould growth. If you don’t clean your decking and the mould grows and ruins your decking, you can’t use their warranty. But if you did maintain your decking but still facing the issue, the warranty applies.

One last thing to remember about their warranties is the sliding scale. It means that the older the decking, the less you’ll get for replacement. Of course, you’ll get more when using Timbertech, as the warranty is longer.

Which One Should You Choose?

So, which is better between TimberTech and Trex? Timbertech and Trex are both excellent decking options. Timbertech offers an excellent warranty. Their capping is also best for places where humidity is an issue. On the other hand, Trex offers top-notch durability. So either one will work well. Choosing one is only a matter of needs and preference.

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