What Type Of Decking Should I Use?

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There are different types of decking material out there. But not all of them are the same. They all have their benefits and also their disadvantages. If you want to choose decking for your outdoor space, it is good to know the various types of ultra decking material. There is composite decking and wood decking as well as plastic decking material. What type of decking material should you use?

Things to Consider When Choosing a Decking Material

If you want to choose a type of decking for your outdoor area, you should do so with care. Since we exposed decking to the weather, you need to select a kind of decking that is very durable. The durable decking material will last for years, thereby making you enjoy your deck to the fullest.Outdoor Grey composite decking on a sunny day

Additionally, when choosing a type of decking for your home, you also have to consider the cost and maintenance of the decking.

Types of Deckings

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of decking materials in stores. There is wood decking, composite decking as well as PVC decking. Please consider each of the decking types to know the best choice for your outdoor space.

Wood Decking

Wood decking is also known as timber decking. It is a natural decking material with a good texture. Wood decking is among the most common types of decking homeowners use in their homes. It is affordable and good for those who are on a low budget. One of the drawbacks of wood deckings is that they are prone to damage. That’s why it has to be treated with chemicals to extend its lifespan.

Deckings made from pressure-treated timbers are resistant to rot. Apart from that, they are also resistant to termites, making them last longer. In terms of durability, wood deckings can crack or splinter. If you use a wood deck for some time, it will develop cracks due to wear and tear. Timber decking can also absorb water or moisture from the environment, thereby reducing its lifespan.

When it comes to maintenance, wood is expensive to maintain. You have to waterproof it to prevent the decking from absorbing water. Apart from that, the colour of the wood fades. You will need to oil, paint or stain it yearly to make it look beautiful.

PVC Decking 

PVC decking consists of 100% plastic material. It is a synthetic material that contains polyvinyl chloride. In terms of durability, PVC decking cannot crack or splinter like wood. It can also withstand harsh weather conditions. PVC is easy to maintain and does not need staining or oiling like wood.

Apart from that, PVC decking also has a prolonged lifespan. Since it contains 100% plastic, it can not rot or decay. It also can not absorb water or moisture from its environment. However, one of the drawbacks of PVC decking is that it is costly. It is more costly than both wood and composite decking. Besides that, it has a synthetic look and doesn’t come in different colours. PVC decking is a good type of decking material.

Composite Decking 

Composite decking is similar to PVC but contains a mixture of wood fibres and recycled plastic. It’s another type of decking material you can use. You can also refer to composite decking as wood-plastic decking. Composite board is also similar to wood in that it has the natural look of wood. But it’s preferable to wood decking because it’s stronger and more durable.

Wood-plastic boards can not crack or splinter like wood. It is also warp-free, unlike wood decking that can warp. Apart from that, composite decking is also resistant to weather conditions. It can cope with temperature changes without getting damaged. Besides that, wood-plastic decking does not absorb moisture.

In terms of cost, composite decking is more expensive than wood but not as expensive as PVC decking. Homeowners who want the most benefit from a type of decking can go for composite decking.

Additionally, wood-plastic decking is easier to maintain than wood. You don’t have to waterproof it with sealants. Apart from that, composite decking doesn’t need sanding, oiling, staining or painting to prolong its lifespan. Your composite decking only needs cleaning when there are stains, dirt and debris on it.


The type of decking material you should use in your home should be a type that will last long. It should also be durable and not too expensive to maintain.


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