What is Bad About Composite Decking?

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What is bad about composite decking

Every decking has its good and bad sides, and so also is composite decking. Since composite decking is a superior decking material, you might think that it doesn’t have its limitations. Before purchasing a composite board, it is good for you to know the good and bad about composite decking.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a type of flooring material that is also known as wood-plastic decking. The decking is made from both wood and plastic, making it more durable than timber decking and PVC decking. Composite is a durable and beautiful decking material that can increase a home’s value. The material is also resistant to termites and will not get damaged like wood. 

 Apart from adding to your house value, composite decking is also more eco-friendly than other decking materials. Wood-plastic decking is safe for use in homes. It does not contain chemicals that can cause harm. 

Wood-plastic decking is also easy to maintain than wood. No painting is needed to keep the board beautiful. Sealing of composite decking is also not necessary. Wood-plastic decking can not warp, break or splinter, so no need to worry about replacing the board. But despite its good sides, composite decking has its bad sides. But the bad side of composite is not as much as wood. What then is bad about composite board?

The Bad Sides of Composite Decking

The bad sides of composite decking

It Absorbs Heat From the Sun

One of the bad sides of composite decking is that it can absorb heat from the sun. How is that so? Wood-plastic decking can get hot if you Install it outdoors in an area where there is no shade. It does not apply to all composite boards, though. The board will only absorb heat from the sun if the colour is dark. It is similar to how wearing a dark shirt in the afternoon will make you feel uncomfortable than a  light shirt. A dark material absorbs heat from the sun when compared to a light coloured material. 

It is also the case with a composite board; wood-plastic decking will get hot if the colour is dark. The dark composite board will draw heat from the sun, making the board hot and uncomfortable for you to place your feet.  Light coloured decking, on the other hand, will reflect heat from the sun, thereby making the decking surface cool even in summer. If you have already installed dark composite boards in your home, you can erect an umbrella or a shade over the decking to prevent it from absorbing heat from the sun. 

The Decking Surface Can Scratch

Another bad thing about composite decking is that it can be difficult to fix the board if there is a scratch on its surface. The surface of the decking can scratch if you use a sharp object on it. Pets playing on the deck can also scratch the deck surface. Dragging objects on the deck can also cause the decking to scratch. 

When there are scratches on your deck, removing the marks can be difficult. Composite decking is not like wood where you can sand the surface if it scratches. If you have wood-plastic composite in your home, be careful so as not to scratch the surface.

It Is Expensive Than Wood Decking

The price of composite decking is also a bad side of the material. Composite boards are more expensive than wood. Wood-plastic decking is like twice the amount of softwood. 

Also, installing a wood-plastic board requires more planks to build the joist than wood decking. All these will require extra money on installation when compared to installing timber decking. Homeowners who are on a low budget may consider purchasing wood instead of a composite board.

Is Composite Board Worth it?

Despite the bad of composite decking, it is a flooring material that is worth installing. Even though wood-plastic composite is more expensive than timber, the board is far better. Wood is cheap and requires a lot of money to care for the decking to make it last longer. But wood-plastic composite doesn’t require much maintenance. It also lasts longer than wood. So instead of purchasing a cheaper wood decking, why not buy a durable composite decking from suppliers like Ultra Decking.


What is bad about composite decking is not as much as that of wood. However, composite is more expensive than wood and can get hot. It is a flooring material that is worth installing.



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