How To Build a Deck on a Budget

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So you’ve been admiring your neighbor’s deck and wish to build one, but you’re on a low budget. Building a deck in your home will enhance its outlook. It can also boost your home’s value. Although building a deck can be expensive, it’s possible to buy deckings from Ultradecking and build a low budget deck. This article contains tips on how to build a deck on a budget.

Tips on How To Build a Deck on a Budget

Choose a Simple Design

The cost to construct a deck depends on your deck design. If you want to build a deck on a budget, choosing a multi-level design might not come cheap. You need to choose a deck design that will meet your budget. Choosing a simple deck design won’t cost you much money. For instance, building a one-level deck will cost less than constructing a multi-level deck. 

Choose Affordable Decking Material

How to build a deck on a budget

Different materials can be used in constructing a deck. Although the materials vary in price, to build a deck on a budget, choose a material you can afford. When selecting an affordable material, avoid choosing the type that you will spend so much on maintenance.

Composite and plastic decking requires little maintenance and will last for a long time. Of these two materials, plastic decking is more expensive than composite. So if you want to build a deck, choose a material like composite that will last longer and be easy to maintain. 

Install the Decking Yourself

Installing your decking yourself will reduce the cost of labor. If you can install your decking yourself, you will build your decking on a budget. Decking installation is an easy task, especially when you have basic carpentry skills. When you lay your decking yourself, it will reduce the cost you have to spend on your deck project. But if you don’t have basic knowledge of carpentry, laying your decking right may not be easy. 

 Build In Off-season

If you can’t install your decking yourself, take advantage of off-seasons. Constructing a deck in summer and spring can be quite expensive as it is the busiest time of the year. Many people build their deck during this period, thereby leading to an increase in demand for labour. But if you want to build the deck on a budget, you can try building a deck as soon as it’s winter. During winter, many deck builders offer discounts on decking supplies and installations. You can take advantage of this season and use it to build your deck without spending much money.

How To Build a Deck

Building a deck is simple if you have basic knowledge of carpentry and the necessary tools to install your decking. 

Get Your Tools Ready

 To build your deck, you need to get your tools ready. Then you will are;

Decking board

Treated planks



Fasteners or Screw

Pegs and strings


Weed control fabric


Prepare the Location

After getting everything you need to build your deck, the next step is to prepare the location. Clear the area you want to lay your outdoor decking. Remove sticks, stones, and bottles from the spot. If there’s grass on the spot you want to install your decking, remove the grass. Also, if the area is not leveled, level the area before you start to build your deck.

Then calculate the dimension of your deck and use pegs to mark the area. You can also attach strings to the pegs. After that, dig holes around the area for your decking foundation. Insert treated planks into the holes and cover the holes with sand or concrete. 

Build the Joist

The next step is to build the joist for your decking. It is on the joist that you will lay your wood or composite decking. Build the joist with treated planks and ensure you spaced the joist apart rightly. The decking joist should not be too far apart or too close. It should also be of equal heights. When building your decking joist, the spacing should be between 12 OC and 16 OC.

Lay the Decking

When you finish building the joist, lay your decking board on it. If you are using composite decking, ensure you leave gaps between the decking boards. After you have laid the decking completely, finish the Ends. You can use a picture framing method or add a fascia board to cover the ends of your composite decking.


It’s possible to build a deck on a budget. Ensure you choose a simple deck design and also a decking board you can afford. You can also build your deck yourself to reduce the labour cost.


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