Does Composite Decking Come in Black?

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Adding a decking has huge effects on your home. Not only will it expand your usable living space, but it can also boost curb appeal and increase your home’s value. With that said, you’ll want to plan everything when it comes to this project. The first thing you’ll want to consider is deciding what materials to use. For this, Ultradecking composite decking boards have many advantages compared to wood. But the next step is choosing a colour. Does composite decking come in black?

There are many colours of decking boards that you can choose from. One of the best colours is black. But are there any black composite decking materials in the market, or anything similar? Where can you get them? And what are the advantages of choosing dark colours, such as black and grey composite decking boards?

Are There Black Composite Decking Boards

Wood has a limited option when it comes to colour. The only way to customize wooden decking is to paint them in the colour of your choosing. On the other hand, composite decking has less limited colour options. You can choose solid gradient colours, wood-shades, and realist wooden designs. Of course, you can also find black and grey composite decking boards.

With composite decking, you don’t need to spend more money to get the colour that you want. However, it will also mean that you won’t be able to repaint your decking. The only time you want to paint a composite decking is when it loses too much of its colour. Fortunately, composite decking materials will take a long time before they fade too much.

Where to Get Black Composite Decking Boards

Many companies and manufacturers sell different colours of decking boards. One of the best places to get dark-coloured decking materials is Ultra Decking. Ultra Decking is a well-established company that sells high-quality decking boards for the best value for your money. Ultra Decking has a lot of black and grey composite decking boards for sale.

Aside from having black and grey composites, they also have other shades. You can find boards with colours similar to real wood. You can even find composites with grain textures. Most of their boards are also reversible, which means you get to different styles or designs in one. As for the quality, Ultra Decking’s products are slip, scratch, and UV-resistant. The warranty coverages range from 10 to 15 years, depending on the products. You can also ask for samples if you want to see the colours and the quality of the boards for yourself.

Why Choose Dark Coloured Composite Decking?

Does Composite Decking Come in Black?

When choosing your composite decking boards, considering the colour is crucial. Darker shades like black and grey both have advantages and disadvantages. One notable disadvantage of dark composite decking boards is that they absorb more heat. However, you can counter this by using methods to keep your decking cold.

But what about the advantages? Here are some of the best reasons why black and grey composite decking boards are worth considering.

One reason is that dark composite decking is easier to maintain. All composite decking boards are low-maintenance. However, you’ll dark-coloured decking are easier to maintain compared to lighter ones because light colours get dirty faster. Mud and dirt will be very visible in light-coloured decking. For this reason, lighter-coloured decking may not be an excellent choice for areas with high foot traffic. Instead, use red, brown, or grey composite decking boards.

When it comes to colour-coordinating your home, you may also have an easier time with dark-coloured composites. Creating a cohesive look for your patio and home’s exterior can prove to be a challenge. Some shades may not suit your exterior walls, furniture, and decoration. On the other hand, you can match almost everything with darker shades. Regardless, you may still need to do some colour planning to get the best results.

If you are still unsure about what type of composite decking to use, you can ask an expert for advice. Since you can find a few black composite decking boards on the market, it’s also better to ask for a sample to see them for yourself.


Does composite decking come in black? Plastic wood decking comes in lots of colours like black, dark grey, dark brown and anthracite grey. All these colours are attractive and easy to maintain.

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