Will Composite Decking Boards Last Longer Than Wood?

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Every house owner will love to use a long-lasting material for their homes. Nobody will want to go for a material that will last for a few years and start getting damaged.  When deciding on the flooring material to use in homes, there are many options to choose. Wood, concrete, composite decking, and even plastic decking are a few of the flooring materials you can use. But in the UK, composite decking is increasingly popular day by day. Some homeowners who know little about composite decking have wondered whether it will last longer than wood. But will composite decking last longer than wood? 

What Is Composite Decking Board

To know whether composite decking will last longer than wood, it is good to know what composite decking is itself. When you better understand the material, you will see reasons why it lasts longer than wood. What then is a composite decking board?

 A composite board is made to counter the problems of wood decking. Since wood decking is prone to damage by moisture, termites; a more durable decking material that looks like wood is made to replace wood decking. Composite decking board is not an all-natural decking like wood. It is engineered from wood fibers and recycled plastic material to form a composite decking board.

 The wood and plastic material are mixed with a bonding agent, heated, and allowed to cool to form composite decking. The plastic material in the composite decking makes the board better than wood. Composite decking is more resistant to the elements than wood, thanks to its composition. It is also more durable making composite decking boards last longer than wood. Let’s see more reasons why composite decking will last longer than wood.

Why Composite Decking Will Last Longer Than Wood

Will composite decking boards last longer than wood?


Firstly, composite decking is more durable than wood. It is a reason why it will last longer than wood. Homeowners aware of this benefit of composite decking have replaced their timber decking with composite. Composite boards last longer than wood because they are highly durable. It is durable because it can not break easily like wood. Wood can crack or break when there is much pressure on it. No wonder wood decking can not withstand heavy foot traffic like composite. 

Installing composite decking in your home will last for years as composite decking will not break if there are many people on it. With wood decking, there will be a problem of replacement if its cracks or break. Installing composite boards in your garden will last longer than wood since it is more durable.

Resistant to Moisture

In addition, composite boards will last longer than wood since it’s more resistant to moisture than wood. Since deckings are always outdoors, they are exposed to the weather, making them more susceptible to damage.

If you want to build a garden, wood isn’t the best option. Wood has a low resistant to the weather elements. It will readily absorb moisture from the environment. When rain falls on your decking, wood will absorb some rainwater unless you coat the wood with waterproof material. 

But, composite decking will not absorb moisture or water. Composite has plastic coatings that prevent the board from absorbing moisture or water like wood. When wood absorbs water, the quality of the wood reduces, the wood will start to decay over time. 

Termite Resistant 

Furthermore, composite decking is resistant to termites. Wood is more susceptible to termites damage except for the ones that have been treated with chemicals. Termites will penetrate wood decking and damage it, thereby shortening your decking lifespan.

But since composite decking has plastic in it, it is difficult for termite and other wood-eating insects to damage the decking. Since termites can not damage composite decking boards, it makes them last longer than wood.


Lastly, composite decking boards have a longer warranty than wood. Install wood decking in your garden; it can last for 15 years with proper maintenance. Composite decking, on the other hand, lasts longer than wood.

A composite board lifespan can extend to 30 years with proper maintenance. The lifespan of composite decking also varies on the brand. Some composite decking brands will last for 25 years, while others will last longer. 


Will composite decking boards last longer than wood? Yes. The decking will last longer than wood since it’s more durable, resistant to moisture and termites. Composite decking also has a longer lifespan so that it will last longer.


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