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A garden covered with lush grass is a dream come true. Unfortunately, not everyone has the necessities to grow and maintain a green landscape. Some people have limited space, making it difficult for them to plant grass. You can still install Ultradecking in your small garden. This article discusses small garden ideas without grass. Here are some ideas to make your grass-free garden.

Best Garden Ideas Without Grass

Here are some great garden ideas without grass:

Build a Small Decking – Want to feel one with nature? If so, why not try building a wooden decking? For small gardens, the cost can be relatively cheap. You can choose from various beautiful hardwoods or low-maintenance wood-like composites.

Small Garden Ideas Without Grass

Not only will you feel the wood beneath your feet, but you can also have a functional space for your garden. You can place a dining table or use the area to relax. You may also want to complement this area with gravel, fake grass, or carpets.

Use Fake Grass – As previously mentioned, covering your garden has its problems and difficulties. You may even be living in a place where planting grass is not entirely plausible, especially in the cities. So what can you do? Try using fake grass. Top-quality artificial grass looks and feels like real grass. They are also relatively easy to install and can be placed over almost any surface. While it’s not for everyone, it is an excellent alternative to the traditional grass lawn.

Use Gravel – Another excellent alternative for lawns is by using gravel, or any other “fluid” materials, like mulch. You can find various kinds of gravel that may suit your style. It’s perfect for small areas, as doing it on bigger lawns will make it boring. It’s useful, easy to maintain, and safe. Furthermore, it may not be practical for most, but it’s one of the better alternatives. However, there are a few things that you should remember. It’s not as simple as pouring a bag full of gravel into your yard. Some planning and designing are necessary. If you are placing it on top of the soil, you may also want to prepare the ground by covering it with landscaping fabric. The fabric will prevent any grass or weed growth, which is what you’re trying to avoid. If done well, it can make a small garden look impressive.

Carpets – Another option that you might consider is outdoor carpets. They are perfect for people who want an excellent footing in their gardens. While not as impressive as fake grass or gravel, it’s easier to install. There are also outdoor rugs that are quite easy to clean. Another good thing about carpets is that they come in different colours and patterns. With a lot to choose from, you can fully customise your garden according to your preference. You can also use carpets on your decking, pavements, and balconies, which is useful if you’re living in the city.

Plant Boxes – If you don’t want grass, planting directly to the ground is something you may also don’t want to do. So instead of doing so, you can make use of plant boxes. Plants in planters are easier to maintain, needing less water. You can also find a variety of them in your gardening shops. Choose ones that suit the style you’re aiming for. Alternatively, you can also build your own by transforming old furniture or other objects into planters.

Vertical Planting – A garden without plants is not a garden at all. But in small spaces, it’s hard to place different plants and flowers while conserving space. If so, why not try vertical gardening? How can you create a vertical garden? There are many ways to go about it. For instance, you can install a few shelves on your walls. You can place your pots on these shelves. Another way is to use old and recyclable materials. For example, you can use an old drawer as a planter. You also hang plastic bottles that you can use as flowering pots. There are also commercial horizontal planters which can be purchased from most local garden centres and are usually hung on walls.

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