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Is Composite Decking Reversible?

The answer to this question depends on the specific product or manufacturer you have purchased it from. In a lot of cases, composite decking boards are designed to be reversible, meaning they can be fitted with either side facing up. The reversible feature is convenient as it allows the customer to choose between different finishes or textures.

In this article, we will look in greater detail at why some designs are reversible and some key things to consider.

It is essential to follow your supplier’s installation guidelines. Even though many boards are reversible, the manufacturer may recommend installing them in a specific way for optimal performance.

Why is composite decking reversible?

Change of Colour or Damage

A great advantage relating to reversible boards is that if one side gets damaged or stained, you can pull the board up and flip it, therefore using the new side. Some reversible designs have completely different colours on one side. This type of design and board is marketed as dual colour and is only available in a capped decking board, meaning if you get bored with your chosen colour, you can re-install the decking on the other side.

This side would not of been exposed to the UV rays and will have 100% of its original colour, please note this is on a dual colour capped board and you will need to clean the decking, as dirt and debris would of built up over time on the other side being under the decking frame.

As for first generation boards depending on the time you decided to do this, please note there a high risk this may not work as no maintenance would of been done on the opposite side and there a good chance these boards will have stains or mould in which will need be remove or cleaned to enable you to do this.

Texture and Finish

As mentioned previously, a lot of composite decking boards have different designs on each side. For example, our Home Choice Premier range has a woodgrain design on one side and a grooved finish on the other. Homeowner’s will then have the choice of which side to install facing up, which is based on the desired aesthetic and functionality of the deck. The woodgrain side is generally a more popular design; however, grooved designs boast better slip resistance

Premier Grey With Garden Furniture & Seats light Grey Trims


The reversibility of composite decking boards is dependent on the product and manufacturer you have purchased from. Most boards are designed to be reversible, providing different designs and functionality. The reversible feature can be beneficial for addressing damage and stains or simply changing the design or colour in the future. Always remember to adhere to your manufacturer’s guidelines for installation to ensure the best performance over time.

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