Is Buying Composite Decking Better than Wood?

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Is buying composite decking better than wood

Is buying composite decking better than wood? Both wood and composite decking have their benefits, but one is more superior to the other. To determine whether buying ultradecking composite board is better than wood, consider the benefits of both materials. Not just the benefits alone, you also need to consider their disadvantages. By then, you will be in a good position to decide whether buying composite is better than wood.

Composite Decking VS Wood Decking

To know whether buying composite decking is a better option than wood, you should know more about both materials. Composite decking is a synthetic material, while wood is natural. The former consist of wood fibres and recycled plastic, while the latter contains 100% wood.

 There are different types of wood decking, softwood, pressure-treated wood and hardwood. Softwood and pressure treated planks are cheaper than hardwood. Pressure-treated decking is a type of decking that has undergone chemical treatment. The chemicals in the wood prevent termites from damaging the board. It also prolongs the wood lifespan by protecting it from rot or decay. 

 Hardwood like Ipe, on the other hand, is more expensive than pressure-treated planks. The wood is naturally resistant to termites and will not rot or decay early.

Advantage of Buying Wood As Decking

Is Buying Composite Decking Better than Wood?

As stated earlier, wood decking is a natural flooring material, and it’s also more affordable than composite boards. A wood decking board can cost £5 – £8 per meter depending on the type of wood you purchase. Installing wood decking is also easy and won’t cost you much. You have to build a decking frame before laying the board on the frame. A good thing about wood decking installation is that the decking frame does not require plenty of planks like composite decking.

Disadvantage of Wood 

Despite its advantages, wood has its disadvantages. Considering the disadvantages of wood will help you decide whether buying composite decking is a better option than wood. 

First, wood decking is not resistant to moisture or water. When humidity is high, wood will absorb moisture from the atmosphere and swell. In the presence of moisture, mould will grow on your timber decking; the decking can also start to rot over time. Also, wood is not resistant to weather elements that is why wood decking can warp.

Apart from that, timber decking can break and splinter. Wood cannot stand heavy foot traffic, so if many people stand on wood decking, the board can crack or break. Also, when you use wood for a long time, the wood will start to splinter. 

Additionally, the colour of wood decking fades. Painting or staining of the decking will be needed to make the decking stay beautiful for years. Wood is also not easy to maintain. It will require spending a lot of money annually to sand the wood before painting. Wood decking will also need sealing to make it last longer.  

Advantage of Buying Composite Board As Decking

Wood-plastic decking is more resistant to the elements than wood. In hot seasons the decking board will expand and contract without any damage. Composite decking can not warp like wood. The decking is also water and moisture resistant.

Composite board is also more durable than timber and can not break easily. The decking also cannot splinter like wood. You can walk comfortably with your barefoot in composite decking with it splintering.

Additionally, the wood-plastic board colour does not fade. The board has ultraviolet ray protection on its outer layer that keeps the colour from fading. All these advantages of wood-plastic decking make it easier for you to maintain it. Composite decking requires little maintenance compared to wood. If you purchase composite decking, you will save your money rather than spending it on maintenance.

The disadvantage of  Composite Board

The price of composite boards is more than that of wood. Installing composite also needs a lot of planks for the decking frame compared to installing wood decking.

Composite decking can also get hot if you Install dark coloured board outdoors without erecting a shade over it.

Additionally, the decking can also be difficult to fix if there are scratches on it.


Buying composite decking is a better option than wood. It is a cost-effective flooring material that is worth the money. Composite decking is durable and not prone to damage like wood. More importantly, composite boards are also easy to maintain.



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