Is a Composite Fence Better Than Wood?

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Composite Fencing
Is A Composite Fence Better Than Wood?

Is a composite fence better than wood? If you have doubts about which is better a composite or a wood fence, this article is for you. To know which is better between using Ultradecking composite boards and timber to build your fence, you need to consider the benefits and limitations of the two materials. Here are what you should know.

Wood as Fence Material

Is A Composite Fence Better Than Wood?

To know whether a composite fence is better than wood, let’s consider the advantages and limitations of using wood as a fence material. Wood is a natural building material commonly used in construction. It is versatile, meaning you can use it for different purposes. You can use it to build decking, fences, house furniture, and so on.

There are different kinds of wood species you can use in your building project. We have untreated wood, pressure-treated wood, hardwood, and softwood. These wood types are more durable than each other. For instance, pressure-treated wood is more durable than untreated wood. This is because they contain chemicals that help to increase the lifespan.

Pressure-treated wood is resistant to termites and other insects. The chemicals in the wood also prevent it from rotting. One downside of pressure-treated wood is that the chemicals are harmful if you come in contact with them.

Other woods like hardwood, cedar, and redwood are also durable. They don’t contain harmful chemicals like pressure-treated timber. The woods are also resistant to rot and insect damage.

These are the kinds of wood you can use in building a fence in your garden. The good thing about wood is that it is affordable. It is cheaper to purchase than composite decking boards.

However, when using wood as a fence material, it is good to know its limitations beforehand. Woods are not resistant to water or moisture. The wood will swell and eventually rot if it absorbs water. Apart from that, termites can damage an untreated wood fence. If you use untreated wood to build a fence, the fence will not last long.

Additionally, wood can also warp, crack, and splinter. Wood colour also fades over time. To make a wood fence last longer, you will have to waterproof your fence to keep it from absorbing water. A wooden fence will also require staining or painting annually to make it beautiful. You also need to treat a wood fence if you want to prolong its lifespan. In short, wood fences require a lot of maintenance.

Composite as Fencing Material

Before you conclude that a composite fence is better than wood, let’s also consider the benefits and limitations of using composite panels as fence material. Composite panels are not as natural as wood. It consists of both wood fibres and recycled plastics. These two materials are what make up the composite fencing panels.

WPC panels are more expensive than wood, meaning that if you want to build a composite fence, you have to spend more money compared to wood fences. Despite being more expensive than wood, composite fencing has a lot of benefits compared to wood. If you build a composite fence, it will last longer than a wood fence. A reason for it is that composite fencing is more durable than wood. You don’t need to treat a composite fence to make it last for years.

Apart from that, a composite fence can not warp like wood. It also cannot break, crack, or splinter. In addition, composite fences will increase the curb appeal of your home rather than timber. The composite panels are aesthetically pleasing and can look that way for years without the colour fading. A composite fence is easier to maintain than a timber fence. You don’t need to sand, paint or stain a composite fence like wood.

The composite panel is also resistant to moisture. It doesn’t require the application of sealants to make them moisture resistant. WPC panels are also resistant to termites. If you use WPC fencing to build a fence, termites will not damage the fence.

Is a Composite Fence Better Than Wood?

WPC fencing has a lot of advantages over wood. Using composite fencing to build your fence is better than wood. WPC fencing is stronger than wood and has a longer lifespan. Apart from that, a composite fence requires little to no maintenance. No need to expend a lot of cash to maintain a composite fence like wood.


Building a composite fence is better than a wood fence. The reason is that composite fences are more durable than wood with a prolonged lifespan. Additionally, the composite fence is also easy to maintain.


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