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What Are The Benefits To Using Composite Fencing

Building a fence with composite panels offers many benefits. Knowing some of its benefits will make you see why you should use composites instead of other materials for your fencing. Let’s consider some of its benefits.

Benefits of Using Composite Fencing to Build Your Fence

1 Composite Is Resistant to Weather

Building a fence with composite panels is a great choice since the material is resistant to weathering. Fencing materials made from wood and metal can rot or rust over time due to moisture.

However, a composite fence is extremely resistant to weathering, they are less likely to suffer any damage due to moisture, heat, or cold, when compared to wood or metal. The material is ideally suited for building a fence in your garden.

2 The Material is Beautiful

If you use wood-plastic composite (WPC) panels to build a fence, it will increase your gardens aesthetic appearance. Composite fencing is visually pleasing compared to other fencing materials and is available in colours like grey, charcoal, and brown.

In addition, composite panels benefit from UV protection to help retain their colour and appearance for many years. Unlike wood fence panels, which will eventually turn grey from exposure to the sun and other natural elements.

You will need to paint, seal, or stain wood fence panels annually to keep the panels looking good for longer. Composite fence panels require little maintenance and don’t need painting, sealing, or staining to maintain there visual appearance.

3 Composite fencing has a Long Lifespan

Another reason why building your fence with composites is a good option is that they are durable and have a longer lifespan. Composite panels will not crack, warp, or splinter compared to wood. Depending on the wood species, the average lifespan of a wooden fence is between 10 and 15 years with proper maintenance. Composite fencing with simply regular cleaning can last anywhere from 10 to 25 years depending on the generation and type of composite fence panels you purchase. 

4 Composite Fence is Resistant to Insects

Wood-eating insects can destroy a wood fence, thereby shortening its lifespan. Insects won’t damage a fence built from composite panels.. Composite panels are made with a mixture of reclaimed wood fibres and recycled plastics, due to there composition of wood and plastic, they offer resistance to terminates and insect damage, this is another reason why composites are able to stand the test of time and last much longer than wood.

5 Composite Fence is Resistant to Mould And Mildrew.

Over the years of use if wooden fencing is not maintained correctly, mould and mildew will start to appear. Mould and mildew should be removed quickly as this will decrease your wooden fence life span dramatically.

Composite fencing is resistant to mould and mildew as long as they are regularly clean of course. Composite fencing boards have resistance to mould and mildew and they are able to keep mould and mildew at bay, as long as they are regularly cleaned with hot and soapy water, This is a huge benefit to installing composite fence panels as this decrease life time maintenance of the product compared to wood and also increases its life span when compared to wood too.

6 Composite Fencing Is Low Maintenace

A huge advantage and one main reason homeowners upgrade or choose composite fencing over other fencing materials and wood is due to its low maintenance. Composite fencing as mentioned is able to resist moisture, UV rays, insects and terminate damage, due to these reasons this means there no requirement for sealing, staining or painting your composite fence. Its able to resistant moisture means no requirements for sealing, its ability to provide resistant to UV rays means no requirements for staining or painting.

Wood requires regulars treatment during its life span to retain visual appearance and decrease moisture absorb to keep your fence strong, as composite fencing doesn’t require any of these treatment to retain its strength this means less time consuming maintenance over the years.


Homeowners should consider building their fences with composite material since they resist wood-eating insects and are stronger and more durable than wood. Composites are visually appealing, resistant to the elements, long-lasting, and easier to maintain.

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