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How to Make Your Composite Deck More Inviting

Homeowners that have installed composite decking will often spend more time enjoying the outdoor living space with friends and family. Composite decking can also help to improve your home’s resale value and appeal with a few simple additions that wont break the bank.

With some design add-ons, your decking can enhance the atmosphere and extend your home’s living area. Decking features like lighting, outdoor furniture and flowers will boost your home’s curb appeal. Decking can be used to zone out areas in a garden, creating a multi-functional outdoor space for dining, entertaining or even a children’s play area to create an indoor-outdoor flow, allowing you to extend your home’s living area.

Installing composite decking is a great way to add style and elegance to your garden. To make your new composite decking even more inviting, below are a few useful tips and ideas to help you do just that.

Below are great ways to enhance your composite decking:

1 Outdoor Furniture

You can create an atmosphere of cosiness and enhanced functionality in your outdoor space with furniture. Basic composite decking can be upgraded into an elegant dining suite with outdoor furniture and soft cosy cushions. A wicker table with a rustic, comfy recliner can create a comfortable outdoor area during the summer. With the right decking furniture, you can add beauty and an inviting appearance to your garden or balcony.

Here are some tips that will help you to decorate your decking with outdoor furniture:

  • Ensure your outdoor furniture is weather-proof and capable of repelling water. Other desirable or high-quality features of decking furniture include UV protection, removable cushions, fade-resistant and heavy-duty thread or stitches etc.
  • Make sure your outdoor furniture matches or blends with the rest of your home’s exterior. They shouldn’t clash or contrast.
  • It may be very uncomfortable to stay outside during the scorching heat, especially if you don’t have a shade. For homeowners without shade over their decking, a gazebo can provide a naturally cooling shelter for your furniture.

2 Outdoor Rug

As many families look forward to spending more time on their decking during the summer, they may find it difficult to create that stylish and functional outdoor area. Another way of adding beauty and style to your outdoor space is with outdoor rugs. Rugs are known for their ability to add distinctiveness, style, and character to even the tiniest of spaces. An outdoor rug can blend with any outdoor aesthetics or design. It differs from a welcome mat as it is extremely versatile and sleek.

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3 Outdoor Flowers

Potted plants and flowers are another way of transforming your home’s exterior into a beautiful green sanctuary. It does not matter the size of your decking; with the right plants, you can add vitality and flavour to your deck, allowing you to further enjoy the tranquillity and peace of your outdoor space.

Once you have your outdoor rug, furniture and gazebo, you will need flowers to add a natural touch to whatever design you intend to implement on your decking. Don’t be discouraged if you lack soil; you can use flower pots or planters to create a low-maintenance garden on your decking.

Some plants you can use for your garden include Coleus, Euphorbia, Nemesia, Hydrangea and Ornamental Pepper.

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