How to Make a Bench from Decking Boards

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Constructing a bench from Ultradecking boards is a perfect way to use your leftover deckings. It will serve as a place to sit and help define your space. You can build a bench of the same colour as your decking to complement it.

Constructing Bench From Decking Boards

How to Make a Bench from Decking Boards

You can create a seating area in your garden by using decking boards to make a bench. With a bench on your decking, you don’t have to bring your couch outdoors whenever you want to relax. Building a bench from decking boards might seem difficult. But if you follow the steps laid down in this article, you should make a bench yourself. The first step in building a bench is to gather the tools that you need. After, you can proceed to make the frame and the legs.

Step One: Gather Your Materials and Tools

The first step in making a bench from decking boards is to gather your materials and tools. Having your material at hand will save time. It will help you work faster. You won’t have to stop at a stage because you don’t have a particular material or tools ready.

For your bench construction project, you will need decking boards. You can use either a wooden board or composite decking to make a bench. But if you plan to use wood, use treated planks. Treated planks last longer than ones. But you will have to waterproof the planks since wood can absorb water. On the other hand, composite boards are stronger than wood and would not get damaged if you use them to make your bench.

The tools you will need to make the bench include a hammer, handsaw, lag bolts, and screws for holding the boards together. Apart from that, you will also need a power drill to make holes on the board. Now that you have gotten all you need ready, you can start building the bench from your decking boards.

Step two: Make the Bench Frame

With your bench design in mind; start making your bench from decking boards by building its frame. Note that the standard height and width is 16 inches. You should allow 1 inch for seat thickness. If your bench length is 8 feet, add the legs to the centre.

Proceed to make the bench frame using a handsaw to cut two long composite decking boards for the frame sides. The bench frame should be 4 inches less than the seat and 4 inches narrower than the seat width. Next, proceed to cut six cross pieces. When positioning the cross pieces, you should create space for placing the centre legs between them.

Then use your power or manual drill to make holes on the bench frame. The hole will make it easier to drive the screws in. You can proceed to attach the frame with screws.

Step Three: Install the Legs

To make the legs, cut it out of a 4x4s decking board. If the bench is not resting against the wall, make the legs equal. But if the bench sits against the wall, cut 1 inch away from the back leg to allow the bench to slope a little to the back. Next, use the screws to attach the legs to the frame.

Step Four: Finish the Bench

Finish the bench seat by attaching three decking boards to the frame. Cut the bases using the bench width and use lag bolts to bolt the bases to the centre of the legs. Next, use a router to round the ends and outer edges of the seat boards. Your bench is ready.


Making a bench from decking boards is not difficult. Gather your materials ready and follow the steps in this article to build a bench.


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