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How to Make a Bench from Decking Boards

  • M. John
  • July 14, 2021

Constructing a bench from decking boards is a perfect way to use your leftover decking. It will serve as a place to sit and help define your space. You can build a bench of the same colour as your decking to complement it.

Best way to Make Bench From Your Decking Boards

You can create a seating area in your garden by using decking boards to make a bench. With a bench on your decking, you don’t have to bring your couch outdoors whenever you want to relax. Building a bench from decking boards might seem difficult. But if you follow the steps laid down in this article, you can make a bench yourself. The first step in building a bench is to gather the tools that you need. After, you can proceed to make the frame and the legs.

Step 1

Gather Your Materials and Tools

The first step in making a bench from decking boards is to gather your materials and tools. Having your material at hand will save time. It will help you work faster. You won’t have to stop at a stage because you don’t have a particular material or tools ready.

For your bench construction project, you will need decking boards. You can use either a wooden board or composite decking to make a bench. But if you plan to use wood, use treated timber as these last longer. But you will have to waterproof the boards since wood can absorb water. On the other hand, composite boards are stronger than wood and would not suffer from rot or decay if you use them to make your bench.

The tools you will need to make the bench include a hammer, handsaw/circular saw, lag bolts, and screws for holding the boards together. Apart from that, you will also need a power drill to make holes in the board. Now that you have got all you need ready, you can start building the bench from your decking boards.

Step 2

Make the Bench Frame

With your bench design in mind; start making your bench from decking boards by building its frame. Note that the standard height and width are 406 to 508 mm and the width is depending upon how many people you would like to seat for example for three adults seated width should be around 1346 to 2032 mm and for four adults 2033 to 2642 mm. You should allow at least 25mm for seat thickness on a solid composite board but 76mm inches on wood or hollow decking boards. We recommend building supporting legs every 1m to ensure structural support like you can see in the image above.

Once you have confirmed your dimensions for the bench, proceed to make the bench frame using a handsaw or circular saw to cut two 4×2 timber, you will want to build in a grid formation like you would with joists but in blocks. Start with your outer bench frame first, cutting to size and as this is an outdoors bench use galvanised structural screws to fix into place. Note like a decking subframe any adjoining 4×2 connect with a sister frame like you would with a decking subframe, fixing them into to place using galvanised screws. Next, proceed to cut six cross pieces. When positioning the cross pieces, you should create space for placing the any legs between them.

Then use your power or manual drill to make holes on the bench frame. The hole will make it easier to drive the screws in. You can proceed to attach the frame with screws.

Step 3

Install the Legs

To make the legs, using your dimensions you set at the start cut 4×2 timber to this size, remembering to ensure any water like decking runs away from your wall and house, adjustments can be made during cutting the legs to allow for this. If your bench is against a wall or against the house then cut 25mm from the timber your using, place into position and ensure water flow away from the wall or house.

Its key to note, just like decking post and any timber, ensure you raise, concrete or seal the timber from the ground to prevent moisture build up and water pooling, this will prolong the life span of your bench.

Step 4

Finish the Bench

Finish the bench seat by attaching decking boards to the frame. Your boards with be used to almost clad and fix to your premade timber bench frame. Once complete as mentioned ensure you have a solid and even base in which your bench will be sitting on, any gaps cover with landscape fabric or gravel to ensure good drainage and air flow. Your bench is ready.


Making a bench from decking boards is not difficult. Gather your materials ready and follow the steps in this article to build a bench.

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