When building a deck, you’ll want to use the best materials as possible. One of the best choices is composite, which boasts many advantages over wood and plastic. However, as with any other materials, not all composite decking is the same. Some are better than others. The question is, what is the best-rated composite decking? 

The Best-Rated Composite Decking

best rated decking

There are many reviews of composite decking on the internet. Using them, you can tell which ones are of excellent quality. Certain websites review composite decking boards and compare them with other varieties. However, that’s not the only way to decide whether a composite deck is good or not. The truth is, you’ll need a lot of time if you want to list all composite decks and rate them. 

Another thing that you should consider is your needs, situation, and preferences. Ratings on the internet can be subjective, and you’ll be the only one who can tell if a composite decking board is on-par with what people say. With that said, here are a few things that all best-rated composite decking boards have in common. Use these factors to decide whether a deck is top-quality or not. 

  1. Capping – The best composite decks have caps, a protective layer of plastic which shields the boards from moisture, moulds, rotting, and other weather damage. The best-rated composite decking boards have three or four sides capped, the former being more common. A top-quality cap is a clear indication of excellent materials.
  2. Realistic Finish – Composite decks’ best advantage over plastic decking is its wood-like finish. The best-rated composite decks will have nothing less than a perfect and natural wood-like exterior. Some high-quality boards have grained textures, for added aesthetics. While solid colour deck boards look attractive, you can also find top-quality materials with mixed colours, which mimics real wood,
  3. Superior Damage Protection – Not only do they look beautiful but best-rated composite decking also offers maximum protection against slips, scratches, stain and fading. When looking for decking boards, go for ones with anti-slip for a safer patio. Anti-scratch and anti-fade decks also last longer than ones without any protection. 
  4. Warranty – One way to tell how good a decking board is by looking at how long the warranty coverage is. Why? The longer the warranty, the more confident the manufacturers that it will last long. It’ll be a big problem for them if they have to replace their products frequently. Some of the best-rated composite deckings have warranties at least 25 years.
  5. Hidden Fastening Systems – If you’re after a beautiful deck, you’ll want to get boards that have grooves for hidden fasteners. Not only do they provide you with a better-looking deck, but it can also be safer. With a traditional fastening system, there’s a big risk of the screws and nails popping out of the surface of the boards, which can cause accidents. This is the reason why so many best-rated composite deckings have grooves for hidden fasteners. 

Choose a Trusted Brand

Aside from the mentioned qualities to look for, one of the best ways to get the best-rated composite decking is by choosing a trusted and reliable brand. Some of the brands that you may have heard are Trex and Timbertech. But one of the UK’s best brands is Ultra Decking.

Ultra Decking is a well-known company that produces high-quality, top-rated composite decking materials. They have three tiers of decking boards, each at different price ranges offering various advantages. All of the products have excellent capping and top-notch colours and designs. The decking boards are also resistant to stain, fades, slips, and scratches. Their products are also reversible, having two different designs in one.

But as previously mentioned, you’ll need to get your hands on the materials to tell whether you should use them or not. Fortunately, most companies such as Ultra Decking offer free samples. If you want to use the best-rated composite decking, take your time to inspect the materials.


The best composite decking is one that is durable and strong. Also, a good composite decking is easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.