Should I Use Grooved or Ungrooved Composite Decking?

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Should I Use Grooved or Ungrooved Composite Decking?

Suppose you want the surface of your composite decking to look smooth with a clean finish. You have to use a particular kind of decking board. Ultradecking  composite boards are available in two types; they are grooved and ungrooved decking. Installing one of these decking types will determine whether your deck will have a clean finish.  If you want a finished look for your decking, which of the decking types is best? These articles will help you decide whether to use grooved or ungrooved composite decking for a clean finish.

What Is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is a strong and durable kind of decking material, no wonder it is preferable to wood. The makers made the decking with wood fibre and plastic. The wood fibre and plastic material is mixed together and heated before being moulded into composite boards. Composite decking also comes in different colours of sizes that homeowners can use to build a deck. The board is also moulded into different designs and textures to suit the needs of its consumers.

The composite decking design includes grooved and ungrooved composite decking. These two deckings differ from each other. Let’s consider what the grooved, as well as the ungrooved composite decking, is.

Type of Composite Decking

Should I Use Grooved or Ungrooved Composite Decking?


If you want to purchase a composite decking board, you will have to select either a grooved or ungrooved board for a clean finish. Homeowners new to installing composite boards might not know which decking types will give a clean finish. What is the difference between the two decking designs? That’s what we will let you understand

Grooved Composite Decking

The grooved decking is a type of composite decking that has channels or hollows by its sides. Its hollow sides allow the use of the hidden installation method to create a clean finish. The primary reason homeowners prefer grooved decking is because they want a clean finish. They don’t want to see the deck screws messing up their deck’s surface.

In the hidden installation method, the fasteners will hold down the grooved sides of the composite decking, thereby concealing it from the top. You can conceal the fasteners so that it is not visible if you look at the composite decking from the top. Apart from creating a clean finish, Installing grooved composite decking helps with the safety of your deck. When you walk on your deck, it keeps surface nails from coming in contact with your feet.

Ungroved Composite Decking Boards

The ungrooved composite decking is also known as the solid edge decking. It is a composite decking that differs from grooved decking because it does not have channels by its sides. The ungrooved decking has a smooth edge making it possible to drill screws into the top of the boards to clench them in place. When you look at the decking from the top, you will see that the screws are visible. It implies that the screws will appear on the surface of the decking after you have installed it.

Ungrooved decking doesn’t require the use of fasteners like the groove composite decking. The good thing about ungrooved decking is that there are fewer gaps between the deckings. Fewer gaps between the boards allow your kids and pets to play around with your decking safely. Fewer gaps between the boards can also equate to a smoother surface.

Should You Use Grooved or Ungrooved Composite Decking

If you want a clean finish for your deck surface, you should go for a grooved composite decking board. However, if you use ungrooved decking, you can paint the deck screw to match the decking. But this will not create a clean finish like the grooved composite decking board.

However, purchasing an ungrooved board is not the best choice for homeowners who desire a clean finish. It does not mean that ungrooved decking is useless; using ungrooved boards also has its benefits. Choosing between grooved and ungrooved composite decking should reflect your aesthetic tastes and functional needs. Some decking designs even require both grooved and ungrooved boards. For instance, if you want to picture-frame your deck, you can use both decking types. You can frame your decking with grooved boards to produce a finished edge.


Choosing between grooved and ungrooved composite decking for a clean finish should reflect your aesthetic taste. A grooved decking is a good option for homeowners who want a clean decking finish.

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