How to Remove Paint From Decking Boards

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Painting your wood decking board can make it more beautiful. As time passes, the paint may look old, and you might want to repaint your decking. You won’t want to add a new layer of paint to the old one; it can make your deck look rough. It is advisable to remove the existing paint before applying a new one. Learn how to remove paint from ultra decking boards.

How to Remove Paint from Deckings

If you want to strip off paint from your wood deck, you must sand your decking. Sanding your decking will remove any rough patches, thereby providing a clean and smooth surface. When your deck surface is smooth and clean, paints, sealers, or stains will adhere to your decking board. Here are the steps to follow to learn how to remove paint from the decking board.

How to Remove Paint From Decking Boards


Step One: Get Your Material Ready

If you want to remove paint from your decking board, you have to get the materials you will use. The materials you will need are a deck cleaner, sander or sandpaper for smoothing your decking. You will also need a paint scraper, bristle brush, hammer, and pressure washer to remove paint from your decking. Once you have all your materials ready, you can now start sanding the decking.

Step Two: Prepare Your Decking

First, clear the surface of your decking by removing the things you placed on it. If there are chairs and tables on your deck, remove them before you start sanding your deck. Also, if part of your decking board needs repair, fix it before you start sanding the deck. If you notice any nails that pop up on your decking board, use a hammer to drive the nail into the decking. For screws, use a drill to screw down the decking board.

Once you have finished fixing your decking, proceed to clean the deck.

Clean your deck board by removing dirt and debris from the deck surface. Use a deck cleaner and a bristle brush to clean your decking board. Rinse the boards after cleaning and allow them to dry. You can now proceed to sand it to remove paint from your decking boards.

Step Three: Remove Paint 

Use a sander or sandpaper to sand your decking board. Sand the decking to remove paint and any rough patches on the decking. If you are making use of an orbital sander, start with a medium grit sanding disk. Hand orbital sanders are suitable if your decking board is in place. But if the wood is warped, use a medium grit belt sander to smoothen the surface of your wood decking.

After removing the surface paint with the medium grit sander, switch to a fine grit sander to smoothen the deckings. Suppose some places are hard to reach, like under the railings; use the hand paint scraper to remove paints gently. You can now use folded sandpaper to smoothen the area.

When sanding the wood to remove paint from your decking board, do it with caution. Sand the decking board in the direction of the wood grain and do it constantly to avoid creating depression on your deckings.  Once you have finished sanding the deck, clean any sanding dust on the deck. You can use a leaf blower to remove the sand from your decking.

By now, you should have removed the paints on the decking. You can now seal the wood or repaint the deck surface.


If you want to remove paint from decking boards, you have to do it carefully. Start by cleaning the deck, then use a sander to remove the paints on the decking board.


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