How Do You Maintain Composite Decking

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Every homeowner wants their deck to last as long as possible. Not only is replacing a damaged patio can be a hassle, but it’s expensive as well. It’s a time and energy-consuming process. But how can your deck be as long as possible? What should you do? The answer is that you need regular maintenance. 

Composite decking is one of the most reliable and durable decking options out there. While composites make up for a long-lasting patio, it doesn’t mean that it’s invincible. True, you won’t spend as much time and effort on composite decking. However, you will still need to maintain it. Without proper and regular maintenance, don’t expect your patio lasting long as it should have. So the question is, how do you maintain a composite decking?

How Often Should You Clean a Patio?

The best way to maintain the quality of your composite decking is by cleaning it regularly. How often should you clean your composite decking? The answer is depending on the material. For further information regarding this matter, you can consult your supplier or manufacturer. As a general rule of thumb, lighter composite decking requires more frequent maintenance while dark-coloured composites require less cleaning. Regardless, you can surely tell whether a patio needs washing or not. 

How Do You Clean a Patio?

how do you maintain a composite decking?

Unlike wood, composite decking is much easier to clean. But how do you safely clean composites? Here are some helpful steps and tips to get you started.

  1. Always remove any furniture before cleaning. It helps clean the entirety of the deck. Neglecting certain parts of the patio can spread damage to the adjacent areas. So when cleaning your composite decking, make sure to cover it all.
  2. Sweep the patio before a thorough clean. It makes the cleaning process faster and removes any unwanted dirt and debris.
  3. Wet the floor with water first. It can help prepare the wood for the cleaning.
  4. Use a mild water and soap solution. Before using any DIY mixtures, make sure to check with your manufacturer on which chemicals you can use. Avoid chlorine bleach at all costs. 
  5. Use a soft bristle brush to scrub away persistent dirt and debris. When doing this, make sure to do it gently. You do not want to scratch the surface of the composites. Doing so can lead to more damage.
  6. When cleaning a wide area of patio space, divide them into sections. Do not wash them with soap all at once. Do a small portion first before moving to the next one. When soap dries on composites, it may have a detrimental effect. 
  7. Rinse it with water. Some people use a power washer to rinse off the soap and remove other dirt. Before doing so, however, you may want to check how much water pressure your deck can handle. Decking experts also advise using a wide nozzle. If you’re unsure, you can use a typical gardening hose to rinse it off. 

Taking Care of Your Composite Decking

Cleaning your deck is not the only way to maintain your composite decking’s quality. There are some things you can do to help it last longer. Here are some of them.

  1. Use mats with woven backsides. Do not use rugs with metal parts, which can rust and damage your deck. Also, you want to avoid latex and rubber mats for the same reason. Aside from that, they can also trap in moisture, which is harmful to composites. 
  2. Protect your composites from furniture and fixtures. Often, the feet of your furniture can damage and scratch your deck. So whenever possible, only use pieces of furniture without sharp metal edges or anything that can scratch your patio. If it’s unavoidable, you can use a mat or a rug to protect your deck.
  3. Trim away the plants near your deck. Fallen leaves and pollen can accumulate in your composite decking. If they do, they can be the breeding grounds for moulds and fungi, which can be quite dangerous for composites. It’s best to trim them, especially if you won’t be at home for a long time. 

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