What Material Should I Use for My Rooftop Decking?

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When it comes to building a rooftop decking, you need to use the right material. The material to use for your roof decking should be durable and long-lasting. What kind of material is suitable for making rooftop decking? Homeowners will like an answer to this question. Luckily, we have written this article to help you find out.

Roof Decking Materials

What Material Should I Use for My Rooftop Decking?

There are different types of composite decking materials that you can use to build decking on your rooftop. You can use the same decking material as ground decking to also build a rooftop decking. Examples of flooring materials are wood or timber decking, composite decking and PVC decking. These types of outdoor flooring are the most common decking materials available in the market. When you consider each of these materials, you’ll be able to choose the best type of material to use in building a rooftop deck.

Composite Decking 

Composite is regarded as the best flooring material to use in building a decking. This is because composite decking is solid and durable and has a long life span. Plastic wood decking is a material that you will like if you use it to build decking on your roof.

The engineers made composite decking with a mixture of wood and plastic material, making it superior to timber and plastic decking. The plastic wood decking material is so strong that it is highly resistant to termites and other wood-eating insects.

Besides that, composite decking is also resistant to water. The plastic wood board has a plastic film on its surface that prevents water from penetrating it. If rain should fall on your roof decking, composite boards will not absorb water.

Additionally, composite decking is a good option because its colour does not fade. The decking has UV ray protection on its outer layer that prevents the board’s colour from fading. Also, plastic wood decking will not require painting or staining like wood. This is because it is a decking material that homeowners valued for its aesthetics. A composite board can last for a long time and still stay beautiful.

Wood and Timber Decking 

Timber decking is a traditional decking material you can install on the ground and rooftop of your home. You can use either treated wood, cedar, redwood or IPE for wood decking. Lumber decking is a cheaper option with less value compared to the composite board.

In terms of aesthetics, timber decking does not equate to composite decking. The colour of the wood fades on exposure to ultraviolet rays. To maintain the look of timber, you will need to apply stains on it. Also, when it comes to choosing a material for your rooftop decking, wood isn’t the best option.

Wood decking can warp, break or splinter over years of use. It is also not resistant to weather conditions. The timber decking will absorb moisture and swell when humidity is high. They are also not resistant to water. Timber decking will require sealing to make it water-resistant. Apart from that, timber decking is also susceptible to termite damage.

Maintaining wood decking is stressful and will require a lot of cash, as you will have to stain or paint your rooftop decking annually. You will also need to waterproof a timber decking to prevent it from absorbing water or moisture.

 Plastic Decking

Plastic or PVC decking contains 100% plastic, making it a waterproof decking material. They are the most expensive type of decking material you can use for ground and rooftop decking. Plastic is also resistant to rot, like composite decking material. It is also durable and will not warp, crack or splinter like wood. PVC decking has similar features to composite decking, but the latter has a longer lifespan than the former.

PVC is a good decking material you can use for rooftop decking. Using plastic is less stressful and also easier to maintain, like composite decking. You don’t have to worry about applying paint or stain, seal or sand to the surface of your plastic decking.


The material to be used for rooftop decking should be durable. Of all the materials mentioned in this write-up, composite decking is the best option. It is durable and easy to maintain. Also, composite decking also has an extended lifespan compared to wood and plastic decking.


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